English Writing Skills course

Writing English course

Looking for an English course? The course can help anyone who needs to write in English. Are you using English at work? When the best way to learn is by writing, reading or something else, you will find a course that suits your needs.

Writing skills in English

It is an opportunity to assess your writing before you start the course. Practise your skills in using the right phrase extension, according to the part of the language you need in the phrase. Enhance your English language skills by training your post-processing skills. Practise your comprehension of what makes up a full phrase.

Utilize the skills you have learnt in this section to type a section. Verify your comprehension of the differences and the structures of the live and live voices. Verify your comprehension of the grammatical and structural elements in this section. You can see the differences between difficult phrases and issues. Practise your comprehension of punctuation from this section.

View a correction to a long e-mail message movie. The changes make the e-mail much clearer and simpler to view and comprehend. Please send an e-mail and find samples where it is not succinct. Verify your comprehension of all the course units.


The ENGL 155 is aimed at those who need a preparation course for writing. Its main goal is to enhance students' literacy skills so that they can be successful at the post-secondary one. Pupils broaden their lexicon, enhance their skills in analysing and writing texts and develop their writing skills.

This course contains a section and article layout and a systemic grammatical check. This course is made up of the following eight teaching sessions, each of which comprises three classes (grammar and mechanical, vocabulary and writing): In order to obtain recognition for ENGL 155, you must fulfil all tasks, reach a mark of at least 50 per cent at the exam and an overall mark of at least C- (60 per cent).

Weighing of the type of composites is as follows: Examinations for this course must be taken on-line in an accredited monitoring center with an AU-approved examiner. You are responsible for ensuring that the test center of your choice can conduct examinations on line. You can find a listing of supervisors who can conduct on-line examinations in the Examinations Invigilation Network.

The other material is available on the course homepage. English-language support material is available on-line. The courses provided by other courses may differ from the individual courses.

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