English Writing Lessons

Writing English lessons

The lessons are designed to help you and other real people learn to write in English. Classroom writing resources. Writing lessons for all types of writing are free of charge.

The writing lessons are very much appreciated by the pupils and I am sure that you are interested in enhancing your writing abilities. There are several ways to discover how to make your writing better can be a little overpowering ( "with all the information available on the Internet"), so I wanted to make it a little simpler. Explore 5 easy ways and changes you can make to make your writing dramatic.

This succinct and easy-to-understand tutorial teaches you how to become a better author and savor the game. You can find out more here. Looking for a way to improve your English and remain highly motivating? Register for my free 7-week course book. You' ll get a student guidebook in your e-mail box - once a week for 7 weekly - to help you focus on school.

Every course booklet contains useful material, hints, quotes and more! Don't fret, I'm just using your information to get you the seven-week student handbook. Use of the Past Conditional: Your last holiday. Unit 2: How to give instructions in English for actual missions. The writing class doesn't have to be hard.

This is how to give instruction in English. It is a very useful teaching because you need to give or recieve instruction in your daily work ( "real life"), especially when traveling. Unit 3: Use your English to understand real-life scenarios. We' ll look at how you can tell a policeman you've been mugged.

Unit 4: Let me proof-read your covering note or CV for free! That was a great lecture when I could give it away for free. Check other CVs and find out what you should not do when writing your own CVs. To begin one of these lessons, click here.

So if you are looking for a bigger challange, I would like to encourage you to try my writing workshops. Explore these astonishing ESL-material!

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