English Writers and their Books

Writers and their books

We have or should have similar lists of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx, Jersey and Guernsey authors. Britain, is a brilliant achievement of a writer at the top of his game. Then There Were None (Paperback) by. ahatma Gandhi - The story of my experiments with truth. Its books are an authority on British atrocities in India.

Influential English writers of all times

Numbers show that more than 700 million worldwide use English as their first or second tongue. Who made this country known all over the oceans? Join us on an interesting journey among the writers who have played an important part in the spread of the unique nature of English lit.

How important his work is, is shown by the fact that about 3,000 words he has written are still used in modern English today. Looking at the 154 sunnets he has made, it is easy to understand why he is regarded as one of the most productive and mighty writers of all times.

Jane Austen's new and powerful message has been preserved to this day. Prejudice, her most beloved work, reveals the impassioned and ecclectic Elizabeth Bennet, probably her best-known figure, who shows Austen's worldview.

Catherine was a forerunner of English literary art because of her brandnew way of typing, with fast and engaging dialogue that brought the reader directly into the mind of the character. Featuring Anne Hathaway (Becoming Jane, 2007), Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, 1995) and Keira Knightley (Pride and Prejudice, 2005), are some of the recent actors who have been playing these mighty personalities; they appeal to more audiences and make them realize the importance of Jane Austen and her work.

This was his and even more provocative, complex and flamboyant world. But this can very well be a shallow judgment of Oscar Wilde's aura. For those who love savages, the Paris trip at his grave has become a tourist destination for those who want to show their respect.

To get a closer look at Wildes conception of the world of arts and beauties and how they are linked to the materialist terrestrial world, please see The Image of Dorian Grey. If your literary tastes are politics orientated, you should have been reading George Orwell's works. Animal Farm appeared in 1984, giving the English author the opportunity to describe this type of condition; an example of dystopic writing, but also satiric and discerning of the politics of the time.

Eric Arthur Blair's true name - Orwell's true name - was adventurous: in 1922, the child of an official in India, he entered the Indian civilian police in Burma to return to Europe, where - as he described in Down and Out in London and Paris - he was living in need and misery.

Those incidents are an example of a life-long struggle for his own ideals and convictions that make him an inspirational character for everyone around the globe. Writer Roald Dahl from the nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries is known for his amazing children's tales. We' re sure you'll recognize the name of his popular works, The Gremlins, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but if you haven't, you' ll leap into the awesome Roald Dahl universe and you' ll be like a kid again!

Often acclaimed for his original and creative nature, Dahl is also considered unrespectful, as his young personalities are often lacking respect and rebel against adults. He had an adventure of his own, worked in Africa for the Shell Petroleum Company and participated in World War II as a Royal Air Force driver - although he was compelled to go after a serious mishap.

Though this literary trip is coming to an end, we were unable to supplement the book without J.K. Rowling and the undeniable effect of her books. Everyone around the globe knows Harry Potter and all his adventure; Rowling infused the 90' and new millenium generation with a magic new word about the young magician and his mates.

In addition to the awards and world renown she has achieved through the Harry Potter myth, J.K. Rowling is also involved beyond the boundaries of her books. For her new works after Potter, see The Cuckoo's Calling or The Silkworm, pseudonymously by Robert Galbraith.

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