English Editing course

Editorial English course

The Whistling Woods Virtual Academy is an e-learning platform that offers video-based courses in various areas of film and media education. Edit Courses | English Department Explore is importing the course once a year. FeaturedThis is a preference that is used to display an incident in a particular area of your site (for example, select "Featured" if you want to display this element, not select if you don't want to display this element). Information sectionAdd course-specific information such as teacher, curriculum, weekday(s), location(s), starting date, end date, year, quarterly and date area.

When course information changes after the years of importing explore course information, you must refresh both explore and your website. There are several ways to find and process a course. When you find the course, you can click on the course name that will take you to the course knot editing page for that course.

On the Site Actions screen, choose Manage Content. Click the Manage content by types section on the Manage courses atlas. On this page you will find all courses. Many of the headings can be sorted by either click on the heading titles or by searching through the filter. On the Manage Courses page, click Modify for the course you want to modify.

Updating/entering data as described in Create Course. On the Manage Quotes page, click the check boxes to specify multiple quotes you want to modify. Right-click the Pick an action arrows to pick an action (for example, Clear, Modify, Publish, Do Not Publish). Refresh the training areas and validate the changes. Either do not publish the course to keep it invisible on the page, or remove it all.

You cannot undo the deletion if you do so. In order to publish a course: On the Manage Courses page, click Modify for the course you do not want to publish. If you want to cancel a course: On the Manage Courses page, click Clear for the course you want to clear.

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