English Drafting course

Drawing course in English

Below you will find a selection of the available courses. German & English & Writing Search our full catalogue of Teachers' Biographies, Course Description, Timetables and Books below. Are you interested in further classes? Also see Mathematics, Science, Government and Moot Court, Foreign Languages, Logic, Life Skills, & Business, Economics, and Computer Skills Classes. Foundations in Writing teaches the fundamentals of British philology and composing while studying how to analyse brief works of literature.

The course is aimed at pupils in class 8 or 9 and will prepare them in 1E. 1 teaches the student to analyse and write essay, to master the fundamentals of British language and to broaden their terminology. The course in German 2: World Litererature teaches the student to analyse and improve their literacy abilities.

The course introduces the student to the classic books from all over the class! English 3: America Literacy teaches the student how to enhance their literacy skills. The course focuses on higher literacy and literacy analysis. They will interview the most important US writers in different styles! Into English 4: English Literacy there will be a course of studies in some of the most important works of English music.

The course focuses on higher levels of composition, research and literature analyses. The AP® English Language and Composition follows a step-by-step process to explore the element of good literacy and discerning read. While the pupils are learning new typing skills and skills every month, they are completing tasks aimed at providing continuous training and comment.

The AP® English Literature and Composition course provides an introduction to the basics of literature and good literacy. They will be reading classic literature from different styles and times, discussing their own concepts, learning to appreciate literature and refining their typing aptitudes.

Writing London English for Your Enterprise

The Business Skills Workshop is aimed at non-native English speaking people who have a good command of English but need to enhance and further enhance their precision and efficiency in emailing, reporting and other documenting. Through participation in one of our workshop or through a specially customized program you will learn:

Hands-on typing techniques are evolved in the following contexts: "The course contents were balanced between theoretical, hands-on and hands-on training! It was an outstanding opportunity to improve our conversation abilities and to strengthen our self-confidence" T.F., Manager, Nevitel, Slovakia. "The instructors were flawless, adaptable, challenging, gave clear instructions and gave clear feedbacks " "My program and course was very useful to me.

All was well planned and the material was excellent (I will keep them all as my "treasures"). "Intense course! "The instructors had a great backdrop for the finance course. English for Finance'" "..... information and detail, many role-plays, very handy.

" "Contents of the course were diverse and interesting. Courses were open to the different study style of the pupils and took up all our strenghts and shortcomings well. "Classes are very good, they are able to monitor our discussions and encouraging us to talk as much as possible.

"A program was proposed to me that fully satisfied the demands and even surpassed my expectation. "It has a very friendly and inviting ambience and gives an outstanding first experience. "The best teacher I have ever had" "Content - brillant! Ressources - perfectly! Supporting program - the best! "The course was well planned, the instructors were really good with vocational and economic background.

My curriculum was very interesting and useful and included an interesting diversity of different acitivities. Executive Group Programme'" "The instructors are very proficient and knowledgeable, and they are very useful to us. Since her style of instruction is very good and diverse, the classes were never dull. "The program was designed to meet my specific needs - all my requirements were fully fulfilled.

"Peerlessly chosen contents, tailor-made and individually tailored to my needs. She was a good comicator, and ideal for encouragement. Personalized Program'"" "I have received a response from our staff that confirms my assessment of the way your center is professionally built - both in terms of learning and having a good time.

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