English Autobiography example

Example of English Autobiography

Sample sentences with the word autobiography. Autobiography sample sentences. Help with homework / English courses. An example of literary non-fiction is autobiography. Wh-what is the literary present in English?

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English Autobiography

I' m Chia-feng Hsieh, and my English name is Ryan. There are two younger nurses, both are students of Chaoyang University of Technology; the oldest is a seniors at the Department of Information Management and the youngest is a freshmen at the Department of Insurance. I' m studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures of the National Chung Hsing University.

I' ve become optimistic since reaching 300 points at level 1 in the Saxoncourt Test for Young Learners of English on 4 April 2001. In fact, I received my first certificate of merit in my whole lifetime because in the second year of junior high schools I was good at the English A-levels.

That is why I decided to go to the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature in the third year of secondary education. While I was a high scholar, my English instructor asked my schoolmates and me to take part in the English vocabulary competition, but unfortunately I got some poor grades.

I received good grades in the entry examination for college and became an undergraduate in the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Chung HuaU. It made me a little sorry, I even deplored my stupid choice to join this group. I' ve been so lucky to go to Western literature school.

Their teachings made us reflect more on the importance of written texts. The courses also led me to practise essay composition before the intermediate or graduation examination. Very often I get very good grades in every grade of reading. That is why I decided to go to the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures to learn English at university.

Little by little I adjusted to the learning method our teachers used to teach and gained a lot of experience in the different areas of English, such as linguistics, phonetics, method and methodology, and so on. I' ve even received outstanding marks in examinations and five certificates of merit in my academic career. I also received the Certificate of General English Proficiency at the Level of Elementary as a newcomer and received 605 points in the TOEIC exam when I was a student.

Before graduating from Chung Hua University, I successfully completed the postgraduate program. I am now a PhD candidate at the Institute for Foreign Languages and Literary Studies at the National Chung Hsing University. I' m hoping to be able to find out more about English literature. My ambition is to obtain the Certificate of General English Proficiency at the Level of High-Intermediate before receiving the Master of Arts in Foreign Languages and Litereratures (English Language and Literatures) as my current objective.

I like listening to folksy tunes, writing a few essays, magazines, reflexions and tales on my blog, chatting with my boyfriend about MSN messengers, watching TV programmes, among them TV shows, TV shows, TV shows in Taiwan, idols, Korea drama, comics, English TV shows, talkshows and vaudeville shows, singing folksongs and reading diction.

I' ve no work history in my schooling. I' ve only had some English lessons with my sister, my schoolmates and my cousins. My English language instructor, for example, advises me to give her pupils a talk on how to get good grades in literary classes when I was little.

As I am always good in literary classes, interested in English language and have a feeling of accountability, my fellow students always choose me as their director when they write literary stories. Though I don't have a part-time position, I still get $4,30,000 in grants in my college years.

Since I don't have a part-time position, I have free to join the CHU Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures Student Association 11th and work as Assistant Chief Information Officer, whose role was to maintain the Student Association 13th diary, such as uploading our meetings transcripts and photos to our photo albums and photographing some of my recent work.

While I was a kid, my methodological instructor took my mates and me to the Sagor Kindergarten to show our lessons. I did poorly at the rally for some attic. Schoolboy was so young and energetic, but my boyfriend and I are not lively and so uptight. At the end of the training demonstrations I was disappointed; I even want to give up the upcoming training demonstrations.

However, my boyfriend encourages me and tells me that you don't know that you will succeed or not before the training rally, but if you give up now, you are a looser. I therefore resolved to make an effort to organize the training demonstrations. And as a consequence, I did well at the rally, even my instructor said I had the ability to teach English.

I know after the rally how important it is never to give up, even if you encounter problems.

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