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Mr. the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien worked both as a linguist and at the Oxford English Dictionary before writing his bestselling novels.

How do some people need to read English books/novels? The translation of Book One was published in English this year. And the English in that book: Today Stephen King is one of the most famous authors of the horror genre.

Twenty best English and Irishman books of all times.

Joyful and unruly, lewd and quick, Fielding's Picarese adventures are on the brink of moralization about sex and long before the wealthy portrayal of 1800s living. Everything we connect with Dickens, from the great personalities to the feeling of societal inequality, finds its most flawless manifestation here: Judicial separation came to England in 1857 and was still a rare occurrence when 40 years later James' novel recounted a young woman who was pushed back and forth between two terribly divorcing mothers.

While Eliot introduced her impressive sharpness to the incantation of a very specific period - the 1832 policy reform - she was also a pioneer of a true deepness in her uncompromising portrayals of decaying charity. Woolf described him as the only English novel "for adults". Or, a dawn in the lives of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom as they march through Dublin on June 4, 1904.

In the 1930s, a novel in a novel, a satiric allusion to Ireland, in which the figures superimpose each other, and these various fictitious figures are grouped around the imager. The young Alex is in love with Beethoven and Ultra Violence, but the state believes he has found a way to rid him of it.

Banville's award-winning novel, a masterly study of remembrance and bereavement, concentrates on an arthistorian who goes back to the years of his youth by the sea, and on the men and women and experiences and loved ones who later marked the purpose of his existence.

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