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Fiction Letter Elements

Authors of fiction use seven elements to tell their stories: The plot is what happens in history, the series of events. The fiction book series. Without description, these are the fictitious elements that move the story. Authors vary the structure according to the needs of history.

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But the point is, the client must be familiar with the crafts. Authors are no different: we need to know how to use our work. Authors of fiction use seven elements to tell their stories: Irrespective of where your storyline plays, what the angle of vision is or how thrilling the action is - without a character, no one cares and the other six elements quickly become outdated.

The plot is what happens in history, the sequence of occurrences. Adjustment. This is where your storyline happens. Set up also includes time of year and hour (summer, 5 p. m.), environment (humid, bucolic) and age ( "the 70''s, Post-Watergate, World War II, the Great Depression). Rather than merely describe the attitude, clever authors convey the attitude through the filters of their characters' sentiments.

point of views. In order to find out the point of vision, ask yourself "Whose history is it" and then tell the tale from this character's point of vie. Point of-view is comprised of the first one ( "I" and "I"), the second one ("you" - very seldom used in fiction, take Jay McInerney) and the third one ("he", "you", "Nick" and "Abby"). The third is further divided into all-knowing (the readers access all the minds and heart of the characters, an imagination that is today seen as somewhat old-fashioned) and confined (where we see the whole storyline from the point of an individual character).

Your tale of betrayal, love, friendship, justice, family, honour, force, hypocrisy? Literature equipment. As with the aforementioned hammers and nails, the author's real instruments are literature. An incomplete catalogue of literature includes parable, methaphor, personalization, symbolism, alleiteration, exaggeration, imagery, humour, onomatopoetry, and humour. From Oedipus Rex to Charlie's Angels, each fiction uses The Seven Elements of Fiction to build fictitious environments that make us smile and cry, hopeful and dreamy.

Being a fiction writer, you can do whatever you want with these instruments. The better your system with these moulds, the better the home you are building.

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