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Anyone talks about how much or how little money they make from self-publishing e-books; explore the various royalty structures available to e-book sellers. You said "No" to the self-publishers, where the bank breaks down. New series about the self-publication of e-books. DY Publishing: Self-publishing, Electronic Publishing, Subsidy & Print-on-Demand.

Self-publishing has been eroded by the Internet and electronic publishing in recent years.

DIY: How to make an e-book public yourself

Self-publishing has more and more opportunities to bring its books to the attention of the general public, but this can be its own challenge. So many old, new and upgraded e-book portals - which is the right choice? This is a summary of the main e-book sites that are available and what they have to provide self-publishing.

Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - Amazon's e-book publishing plattform provides a license fee of 70% of the listed prices minus shipping charges, with few exclusions. The KDP Select program's main benefits for writers are one of the main benefits of working with Amazon. Writers who sell their works through KDP only can have them listed in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (they earn cash each library loan) and have free copy available to the reader for certain times.

This has the drawback that the writer limits his searchability by only providing the work via a single forum. Using the free Meatgrinder software, writers can transform their Word documents into one of the nine e-book file types and upload them to one of the large e-book stores. Writers get 85% of net revenue directly through Smashwords and 70.

5 percent through affiliated purchases to resellers such as Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo (all sale information here). In addition, it provides a useful, free and readable guidebook on how to market your work. The recently renamed Public It! is a Barnes & Noble bookstore selling site that is more restricted in terms of circulation than KDP or Smashwords.

Though it fluctuates its donation rate by the cost of the product, message 65% donation for the heading assessed between $2. 99 and $10, but fitting 40% for those assessed below $2. 99 or playing period $10. This new user surface makes it easy for contributors to easily translate, post and modify their work, and allows them to work with other contributors and share their work through a new web-based contributor tools.

Vooks - This showcase highlights its range of designs for printed and electronic literature as well as sales and sales. Writers can upgrade e-books with visual and sound enhancements or receive "bookstore-ready copies" of their printed publications on request. It attaches great importance to the individual character and asks every potential writer to register for free advice before submitting an offer.

Voiceok sells through all large on-line booksellers, with license fees between 45% and 85% of the listed prices (the wholesaler relation with Amazon guarantees that the writer is still paying at the prices set by him, regardless of the rebates of the e-retail giant). This is a free Mac user interface available for free to anyone who wants to build graphics-rich publishing applications, from children's literature to full-featured interactivity novel.

Then it can be redistributed for free through Apple's ISBN store, although unlike other vendors it does not supply an ISBN for their products, but instead redirects them to Bowker's Identifier Services page (which costs $125 for an ISBN and $250 for 10). BooksBaby - This portal allows writers to sell their e-books through Amazon, Apple iBookstores, and other large e-bookstores.

BookBaby's unique pricing makes it more suitable for writers who expect to see heavy selling of their books: it does not take one penny from the royalty, but instead calculates a registration charge of $99 and $19 for each year thereafter. There are specific deals for writers looking for more practical support, such as the standard $199 package, which provides e-pub converting and e-book proofing; or the premium $349 package, which provides a life-long subscription and a free authoring website, among others.

The Lulu eBook Converter is a free e-book converter and a range of paid-for, award-winning tools that cover everything from authoring a script to making an advertising author's film. Lulu's sales converter says it earns about 10% commissions on sales of eBookstore products through resellers like Apple's eBookstore, in excess of the 30% Apple earns itself.

Boktango - This e-book plattform from self-publishing giants Autor Solutions allows writers to transform, post and modify their manuscripts and distribute them via Nook, Amazon and others. Boktango promotes that it provides "the best emoluments in the books industry", with 100% of the emoluments from its own on-line bookshop going to the writer, as well as 100% of the net emoluments from other on-line merchants (after Amazon and others have taken their 30% or so).

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