Effective Writing Book

Efficient Writing Book

Contents, The Little Book of Effective Writing as PDF is only available on the entire Skills for Learning website. PDF PDF download for book reviews: Effective writing: This book is for you if you want to write in a way that is clear and meaningful to avoid writing gibberish and to explain effective writing to others. It is my favorite book to teach you how to write interesting sentences. A student is a better writer if he or she has discreet writing skills.

Principles for effective writing lessons

Ph.D., Raquel Fidalgo, Titular de Universidad, Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology, University of León, Spain. Since 2001, her research interests have concentrated on meta-cognition and strategies and self-regulated teaching in writing, and she has participated in several published volumes and peer-review papers. Auburn University, Karen R. Harris Ed.D. (1981) is the Warner Professor of Education at Arizona State University.

She used to be the Currey Ingram Professor at Vanderbilt University. The company develops the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) concept of strategy teaching. The SRSD has been most intensively studied in the field of writing, although the scientists have also dealt with literacy, mathematics and home work as well. She has been working as SVP adviser at the Education Council of the Netherlands since 2015.

She was previously Associate Professorship at the University of Amsterdam (Research Institute of Child Development and Education). She has been researching in the area of writing since 1996. She obtained her doctorate in 2002 (dissertation: observervational Learning in argumenative writing). Writing and measurement procedures, hyper text writing, writing intervention, observation teaching, write-to-learning and read-write-transfers.

Writing Effectively in English - A Guideline | Mike Hannay

It is easy for us to communicate and comprehend our mother tongue, because these are elements of the maturing process of every being. On the other hand, literacy needs to be learnt, usually in a pedagogical setting. Now when it comes to a target country, all the necessary skill (speaking, listening, writing and reading) must be attained. Nothing can be achieved without great outlay.

It is not a vacuum lesson: it is strongly affected by our experiences so far in teaching our mother tongue and in reading and writing. The facts have been taken as the basis for this book. This book is aimed at Dutch mother-tongue learners who have learnt to speak and compose their own languages and who now want to expand their repertory to include the ability to compose English.

As this is our clearly identified audience, we will continue to highlight the different features of English writing from similar Dutch writing, while providing a full set of instructions for the writing proces. Two points need to be clarified in this book when presenting information.

First, the book contains several hundred nomenclature samples.

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