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Pages in category "Textbook publishers" ABC-CLIO. We bring you content from leading educational and children's publishers. List of textbook publishers with complete contact information. Today, the largest publishing houses in the world are educational publishers. Textbook publishers use us to offer cost-effective print-on-demand solutions.

Edutainment Publishers of Royaume-Uni

There are 1 to 10 of 51 education publishers in Great Britain on display. The Cambridge University Press is a division of the University of Cambridge and is an academical and pedagogical university. It has a worldwide distribution network, publishers and subsidiaries in more than 40 different markets and produces over 50,000 publications by writers from over 100 nationalities.

The library produces scientific periodicals, abstracts, reference works, course manuals and texts in German and French. The Cambridge University Press is a non-profit organization that returns part of its net income to the University. The Cambridge Group produces a wide range of titles, magazines and e-products across all academia; ELT and textbook and course material at all echelons.

Kingsley Publishing Ltd. He is an independant editor of textbooks in the fields of ecology, mental health, specialized education (especially Asperger' s disease and autism), art therapy and welfare work. Established in London in 1987 by Jessica Kingsley, the firm has expanded to over 250 titles per year, available worldwide.

We provide publications for experts and general readership on various topics. Recently we have written extensive publications in the areas of psychological wellbeing, counseling, pediatric medicine and hands-on thisology. We' have a series of graphical stories about these topics and textbooks for kids on topics like grief, impression and rage.

Internationally operating press enterprise in the fields of training, economic information and customer publication. We' re the world's premier educational organization with 40,000 staff in more than 80 nations that help individuals of all age groups make tangible difference in their careers. Our educational product and service offering to government, individuals and organizations helps individuals around the globe realize their real potentials.

We are committed to them and take a comprehensive training concept. Global publishers of learning, including imprint: Latvia is a UK-based freelance publishers specializing in audio and learning material. Garnet Training is a UK ELT company with 35 years of expertise in the publication of Anglophone material around the globe. A strong track record for innovative and intensive research into the learning needs of schoolchildren.

Medical, nurse and associated healthcare. Educational, vocational and educational manuals. Encyclopaedias and periodicals in the arts, society and application science. Also, user information incl. teaching yourself. Talkmark Publishing Ltd. It is an impartial publishing house specializing in hands-on resource for healthcare and educational experts working in the areas of early stage nutrition, speaking and speaking, specific needs, interpersonal competence, disabilities, autism, psychological wellbeing, psycology and caring for deafness.

The British educational publishers in the UK.

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