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To ensure that the content of the system is relevant and appropriate for schools, we work with all leading educational and children's book publishers. To understand teaching and learning in primary school. Akademic publication of refereed Open Access monographs. The international perspective in higher education. The Cornelsen Verlag is today a leading educational publisher in Germany.


If you are looking for great teaching materials, astonishing poems, literature and non-fiction for your own libraries or inspiring career inspiration, we have the right book for you!

Highlighted are the Toolkit, Best Practices in the Early Years und die Lottie Lipton Adventures. We welcome as much feedback as possible to ensure that our textbooks are exactly what educators are looking for and that they contain the most current and pertinent information.

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Working with all major educational and children's book publishers to make sure the contents of the system are appropriate and appropriate for the school. In case you cannot find a particular book in the system, please let us know. It is possible that we are already in discussions with the publishing house to add the book.

Aku & Kamu is committed to creating high value and innovation in children's nutrition. We believe that all kids should have a good beginning in their lives and that studying should be enjoyable. Anderson Press is one of the leading UK publishers of independently owned children's literature. We have been supplying school, library and shop with illustrated and fictional literature by renowned international writers and illustrations such as David McKee, Tony Ross, Michael Foreman, Ruth Brown, Melvin Burgess and many others since 1976.

Our goal is to raise issues that are important for the educational advancement of kids of all age groups, and many of our titles have become contemporary classicism. The Arcturus Publishing is a premier UK based publishing house. Our publications are aimed at elementary schoolchildren around the globe. We specialise in textbooks and activities and our obsession with these topics is translated into great, colorful and entertaining work.

Badger Learning is known for its high calibre textbooks that help educators and inspiration for students, and has a variety of publications specially designed for high interest and low performance readership. The Bloomsbury Publishers is a major independently owned publisher founded in 1986. CrambleKids is a child authors focused on complementary textbooks.

The Brilliant Publications is an independant educational company dedicated to the creation of ressources that make the teachings and studies pleasant and worthwhile for schoolchildren. They were both teacher and have always worked in the field of education. The Cambridge University Press is a UK leader in educational publications of high calibre, curriculum-based textbooks and softwares for elementary and high school students in the UK and the world.

Educational excellence and professional assistance through collaboration with core writers with comprehensive understanding of the educational markets and curricular development. The textbooks are intended for educators and headmasters who want to enhance their teacher and managerial qualities through creative, self-directed study, improved communications, NLP and emotional intelligence.

Favourite and ground-breaking textbooks like Phil Beadle's How to teach and Jim Smith's The Lazy Teacher's Handout are intended to get educators, directors and pupils to think differently and imaginatively about the educational setting and exactly what we should be doing in school. The UK's premier children's publishing house for infants to teenagers, Egmont inspires kids to write more than 30 million award-winning titles, journals, e-books and applications every year.

The Egmont UK is part of the Egmont Group, which was established in 1878 and belongs to the Egmont Foundation, a non-profit foundation for the support of minors. This is Scandinavia's premier publishing group and Europe's biggest children's publishing house, which tells tales in 30 different parts of the globe in the form of films, TV, music, movies, films, games and cell phones.

GIGLETTs is a publishing house for e-learning, offering high-quality entertainment, engagement and educational content. We offer a wide selection of high-quality non-fiction materials for use in class, as well as for personalized projects and schoolwork. With more reviewers and educational professionals than any other publishing house, we offer you the best resource to help schoolchildren.

It is Lion Hudson's mission to produce high standard, global publications of the highest standard of Christianity. Our publications include adult and children's titles with five different overprints. The Lion and Lion Book, Lion Children's Book and Lion Fiction bring a wide range of public access to the world, while Candle and Monarch Book supports the life of a family, individual or community.

Michael O'Mara Book, an independant publisher, has made a name for itself in its twenty-eighth year with top-class auto bibliographies and histories. We' ve also hugged the popular scene and released best-selling bibliographies of Justin Bieber and the boy band One Direction. We have a humor and non-fiction book collection as well as funny and awesome children's literature that has been released under our Buster Book Impressum, called after our dear O'Maras' Norwich terrier.

is a Yorkshire, UK registered firm. Our specialty is to publish literature that kids want to study. It' funny, stupid, fanciful, sometimes nasty, always amusing, encouraging even the most hesitant reader to study and admire them. The Octopus Group is a major publishers of picture-book.

Composed of nine Imprint's, we have gained considerable expertise working with top writers, trustworthy affiliates and federations to deliver compelling, market-leading work. Each of our prints has its own unique identities and all of them have published very popular tracks of excellent qualitiy and conten. Known for high-quality educational publication, Oxford University Press (OUP) works with educators to provide educational materials for pupils of all age groups.

This is a division of Oxford University that promotes its goal of research, science and educational excellence through global publications. Phonic Books Ltd.'s three founding members have a great love for educating kids to learn to read. QED Publishers is becoming stronger and stronger in cooperation with renowned writers and advisors.

We are focussing on the qualitiy of the productions, both for our inspired curriculum-supported textbook and for our new, exciting movie catalogue. Our novels inspire young people of all ages, stages and abilities up to 16 years. The Ransom Publishing is an independant publishing house for high value, inspired literature that encourages and helps young people, both young and old, to improve their literacy abilities.

Much of Ransom's work has been specially composed and conceived for fighting and resisting audiences, but we also recognize the increasing need for literature directed at up-and-coming young people. Since its foundation, it has come a long way! We have invested heavily in learning since the publication of our first book in 2002 and have developed an award-winning set of textbooks, tools and tools to help educators in the UK and around the globe.

In particular, these are works for which there was a more than 70 year history after the author's date of murder, which means that the works are not protected by copyrights. Every year we release several hundred magazines and thousand of new ones from all over the globe. We have the best research and the most lively articles in our range of publications.

Salariya Book Company is a UK-based freelance children's book publishing company that markets both nationally and globally. We are the industry's premier agency, advising governments and businesses, publishing educational materials, campaigns and lobbying. One of the world's foremost publishers of scientific magazines, textbooks, e-books and encyclopedias, our offerings cover all areas of the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science and technology.

Now, our best teachers' suggestions have turned into over 160 textbooks that provide you with hands-on instructional assistance every single working weekday! The writers are seasoned teachers and know first-hand how important it is to have up-to-date and important educational material. Publishing Plc is an award-winning freelance book publishing company and application development company based on the Deben riverbank in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.

Established in September 1999, the innovation leader has released over 2000 publications in the UK and around the globe. One of the premier printing machines in Wales, Y Lolfa releases around 80 new Welsh and English language publications each year. There are a large number of pictorials for every age and taste, from genuine pictorials for the founding stage to novice literature.

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