Edit Publisher Files Online

Publisher files online editing

PDF files from Publisher documents. If you do not have Microsoft Publisher, use a.PUB file.

Opening a PUB file without Publisher

Allocates the PUB expansion to files that have been generated in the Microsoft Publisher program. If you want to open or printout a PUB without Microsoft Publisher, use an online tool to create a PDF conversion of the PUB document and preview or reprint the PDF as well. If you want to edit a PUB without Microsoft Publisher, open the PUB with the free and open-shop LibreOffice Draw for you.

Conversion of a PDF version of a Public Access Unit data can be viewed and printed on almost any computer or OS. Multiple sites converts PDF files to PDF files for free, among them online 2PDF, Zamzar and PUBConvertOnline. Choose your publishing location and choose the PDF export type and your e-mail-adress.

Click the Convert or Convert Now Buttons! Once the converting is completed, the website either installs the downloaded document either by downloading it itself, sending you a downlaod email or launching a web page with the downlaod to you. This pages work well if you only need to look at or browse the PUBs.

However, the PDF you convert is not edited like a regular PDF even if you have an app that can edit PDF files. The LibreOffice is an open code open code software package with similar features to Microsoft's Office Suit. LibreOffice's Draw, versions 4.0 and higher, for Macintosh and Windows, can open and edit Microsoft Publisher files.

Go to LibreOffice Draw, click on the Files submenu and choose Open....... Choose the PUB to be edited and click the Open buttom. While the PUB files are import into LibreOffice Draw as fully editing documents, they are not interoperable with other text editors, presentations, or painters; you can only store the import in one of the ODF Draw formats (ODG, OTG, or FODG).

If you want to store the documents in a different size than ODF Draw: Use LibreOffice Draw to open the PUB files. Generate a report in another LibreOffice program that can support the desired formats. To store in Microsoft Word for example, use LibreOffice Writer to generate a new one. You can copy each single item of the sheet (individual text fields, pictures and objects) from the LibreOffice Draw pane to the pane with the new sheet.

Once it has been ripped, each item can be individually processed in the new file and the file can be stored in any file size that the chosen LibreOffice program supports.

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