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Find Icecream Ebook Reader, one of the best EPUB readers, which turns your computer screen into a practical, first-class eBook reader. With a sharp display and fast performance, Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite is the best eBook reader you can buy for the price. eBooks Reader for Windows Phone allows you to download and read your favorite books with ease. eBooks.com's Ebook Reader lets you read your favorite books on the go.

Best free 2018 e-book reader: Have fun on your computer or Mac

Electronic Publications are a great way to relish literarys- they are less expensive than printed publications because of the shortage of printing and disbursement cost (and completely free when the work is in the pub domain), and you begin to read in seconds after the purchase. And you don't need a special Kindle reader, thanks to the many free eBooks available for your desk top.

So, what makes a good e-book reader? A clear lay-out and the possibility to synchronize your bookshelf across several machines are indispensable for general use, notes and markers are indispensable for the student and for anyone who sometimes has to struggle with their sight, text-to-speech and the adjustment of the typeface with one click are welcome. Amazon's offical Kindle application for Windows (as well as for Mac and portable devices) is intelligent and classy, and although it seduces you with read recommendations from the Kindle stores, the sale is not too personal.

Memos and annotations are synchronized among the machines as well as flash cards - an invaluable supplement for users who use electronic text books for editing. Kindlle for Windows also features a text-to-speech feature, and resizing fonts and colour scheme is as easy as pressing or typing a pushbutton. From the adorably titled Turnipsoft, Freda is a spectacular e-book reader integrated with Project Gutenberg, giving you gateway to tens of thousand of free ebooks and smashwords where you can find works from freelance writers and editors.

The import of your own ebooks is also a breeze, with full compatibility with all common ebooks sizes. Freda can even be connected to your drop-box so you can read from more than one device. Easy-to-handle and lightning-fast, Calibre is an open sourced e-book reader and management tool. Contrary to many free e-book reader, Calibre does work with Amazon AWZs ( "no DRM-protected data ") and all other common e-book data type, and if meta data is lacking (e.g. type of bookcase or type of cover), you can easily include them via the bookcase option tool.

In spite of its name, it is a great little e-book reader that can display EPUB and MOBI sized textbooks and comics in CBZ and CBR comics. Summatra PDF is a mobile application, so you can store it on a flash drive or cloudsystem and use it on any computer.

Allows you to store your ebooks in the same place, making the need to synchronize your libraries. It' simple to customize fundamental preferences such as text sizes, but Sumatra PDF's extended features can only be modified by opening a text document and entering new parameters. There' s no way to write down your own note or highlight, but the ease of taking your e-book collection and reader anywhere could put you at a disadvantage.

Specialized in intelligent, straightforward applications, it is no different from any other. Support EPUB, MOBI, PDF and FB2 e-book file sizes, and once you have your book in your library, it is neatly organized in a bookcase with a variety of display choices. A particularly practical function is the possibility of archiving and exporting your ebooks; perfect if you use more than one computer and do not want to have the trouble of having to import your ledgers twice.

Like the Kindle application, the reader is similar in look, with one click (or tap) of a button to change the text typeface, colour topic (day, dark or sepia) and display the directory. Preferred functions are the simultaneous import of several eBooks, the addition of memos, the processing of meta data and the copy of text. Icecream Ebook Reader is fast and very simple to use, but only for leisure use.

The shortage of notes and copies will be a frustration for them.

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