Ebooks and self Publishing

E-Books and Self-Publication

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Publishing An Ebook

When you think about making a publication now, you have more opportunities to publish than at any other point in your life. You can choose from the many possibilities, go the classic way and send your script to an agency who will arrange a contract with a publisher, or you can do everything yourself.

That last option has odds and drawbacks deserving of exploration, so let's take a look at the Pro' s and Con' s of self-publishing an e-book. Exactly what is self publishing? Self-editing is the act of carrying out all facets of the production and commercialization of an e-book on one's own initiative. That means you think up the subject, research it, compile your results in an easily available file formats, work on it, proofread it, reformat it for sale, choose where to sell it, post it to those locations, create summaries and excerpts for promotional use, advertise it proactively and make the sale itself (unless you go with a third person such as Amazon, the iBook Store, BN.com or another retailer).

A glance at all your work should show you how expensive it can be to use a publisher. Usually you will earn about 15 per cent of the overall revenue from the books if you go the conventional way. You keep 70 to 100 per cent of the sales prices on your own.

When you have a one-of-a-kind premonition, it can be hard to get an agency or publisher to think outside the reckon. If you are publishing yourself, you are free to try out what you think is right, without anyone looking over your shoulders and putting pressure on you to take a certain course.

Your resulting work can be 100 per cent a result of your visions. If you work with a publisher, you will be included in a publication plan based on the way they have distributed their work. Self-publishing lets you get around all this and enforce it at your own speed. The cover art, cover art, lay-out, editing, review, proof, and all other facets of the production and commercialization of the books are on your shoulder.

Plus, you need to come up with your own deployment strategies for getting them into ebooks on-line store - or set up your own. And while you detest utterly inferior work (we know you do), many folks who don't know well of evil have the skill to pub.

When buyers see "self-publication", many will say: "Oh, man, here we go...." All of them (and a beautiful prepayment for you) will be paid by them with the help of a publishing company. If you are publishing yourself, you will be producing that money and hoping that the album will generate enough income to pay for your investments and make a return on your money.

If you are concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing an e-book, you need to determine which way works best for you and where you are in relation to your skills.

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