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I' ve recently reserved a plane back from London to Udaipur, India, from June 1st to July 15th. First stage of the trip was BA from Heathrow to Delhi and then by jet from Delhi to Udaipur. My second in India, I got a compelling e-mail from ebookers asking me to call them because my BA trip back was no longer possible due to "operating conditions".

From today (11 July) the ticket is still available on the BA website. I corresponded with ebookers and it turned out to be my Jet trip back from Udaipur to Delhi (Jet 744), which didn't work anymore. Once again I was asked to call ebookers in the UK (at my expense) and that my "only option" was a "partial refund".

It appears that a phone call was necessary to handle the reimbursement. This is the pertinent part of the e-mail from ebookers to me: "We have worked in close cooperation with UKISH AIRWAYS to find similar flying choices and need your immediate reply to continue. OPPTION ONLY: You may be eligible for a partial reimbursement for your returned airline tickets, subject to UK AIRWAYS policies.

So I made the necessary phone call and asked for a full reimbursement - ebookers gave me no other choice. You didn't volunteer for an alternate plane. You said my only way was to get a full refund. No. The reimbursement I was expecting would amount to at least 50% of the airfare.

So, ebookers have billed me 306 for a one-way trip to India and left me there to find a plane ride back at my own expenses and without any help. Since then I have purchased a £370 jet ride back from Delhi to London, bringing the overall costs of my £676 tickets.

When I ordered the tickets directly from the Jet website, the prices were exactly the same as at ebookers.

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