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E-Book Template

Bright ebook templates for your next best-seller In order to distinguish yourself in a busy area, an e-book needs a professionally designed appearance that offers an optimal readability. Easily create your next best-seller with these e-book artwork from worldwide design professionals. Urban Mystic lets businessmen, blogger and writers present their concepts in a stylish way with a title page and seven page layouts.

InDesign Mystic is a fully customizable InDesign template and comes with a range of web-safe scripts. InDesign Ebook Template is a full-sized workable template for e-books on fitness, exercise routines and healthful life, which include pages for training schedules, meals scheduling, motivation and more. There are also PDF' s of the example files and a JPEG of each page in the download.

This Ebook Creation Toolkit contains everything you need to produce a guide or information guide for companies and business people. This nine-page toolkit contains both Adobe Illustrator and PDFs with seven one-of-a-kind page designs. This 12-page InDesign template is created to give e-books and pdf' a look of professionalism and contains 10 one-of-a-kind mix-and-match masters in U.S. Letter and A4 formats.

FitnessĀ Bold Template is fully customisable and adapts to any make. Comes with 10 fully customisable pages, this versatile e-book template offers vibrant page splitting with customisable colour-block. Illustrator Ebook Template contains worksheetstyle pages as well as design and notes segments. With 22 fully-formatted pages, the cookbook template for InDesign is conceived for recipes and cookery advice.

Included in the recipe book template are artwork, images and type. The Modern Cookbook Template for InDesign has nine different page designs, incl. front and back, and is conceived for recipe creation. The cookery book template contains 16 cookery symbols and free font downloads. Developed for journals, booklets and booklets, this InDesign template contains 40 A5 pages with trimming.

A5 Template is fully in InDesign CS 4 to 6 and uses free type. Creativepreneur Startup Workbook 2, fully customisable in Adobe Illustrator, contains six pages for new business owners and start-ups. Included in the workbook is a PDF-file. The Fitness Planner template is fully in InDesign and can be edited with 67 fitness and work-out theme pages.

Fitness Planner template also includes Photoshop artwork and JPEG version of each page. Eight-page Ebook template is fully customizable in InDesign, with color and font editing capabilities. This template contains a series of watercolour texts with PSD colours and a link to downloaded text.

The eCourse Workbook Creation Toolkit is fully Illustrator-accessible with nine spreadsheet and spreadsheet pages. This toolkit also contains PDFs and course contents pages for creating a curriculum or e-course manual for each topic. Boheme Ebook Template is a full seven-page, multi-purpose template that is fully customizable in InDesign.

This template comes with a videotutorial and a link to get all script. Featuring more than 65 different designs and three different size, Antique contains a complete range of printing and web design utilities. This antique template kit contains sales and drawing style choices as well as high-resolution mockups.

Created with fitness enterprisers and bloggers attuned, the Yoga Modern Ebook Template for InDesign is a 12 page document with eight mix-and-match original pages. There are also a number of free, non-licensed scripts in the Yoga Modern template. Infopreneur Minimal Ebook Template for InDesign contains 12 pages with eight mixed and matching masters.

The Infopreneur template was developed for the creation of opt-in pdf' s and e-books and contains a number of free, non-licensed pictures. InDesign' Fitness Modern Ebook template contains 12 pages in U.S. Letter and A4 formats. This template kit also contains PDF references and instructions as well as all free, non-licensed typefaces.

This 12-page template was developed for the photographer, blogger and creative and contains both InDesign and Photoshop data for simple customization. It can be customized for any make and is available in U.S. Letter and A4-format. Create a professional-looking e-book in Word with this e-book template. Ebook Creation Toolkit contains nine fully customisable pages and seven one-of-a-kind page layout contents in Word and PDFs.

Featuring 10 individually styled pages, this versatile e-book template kit contains both Illustrator and InDesign data. It is fully customizable and contains spreadsheet pages as well as pages for scheduling and notes. Using publishing genres that fit almost any organization, these customizable layouts make it simple to produce e-books, course manuals, spreadsheets, and more - even if you've never made one.

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