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If so, how to create informative eBooks to interest people and sell them on the site effectively? Amazam is one of the largest e-commerce sites in existence today. Sites for selling eBooks, eProducts, MP3 Audio and more

On the following web pages you can post and distribute e-books, online reviews, data bases, programs, audio/video and anything else you can buy by you. The majority of these sites also allow you to register as a partner for the sale of e-products of other persons. Amazon.com - You can now buy Amazon online via Amazon and buy Amazon online.

This is a great place to distribute your notebooks and sound data for free after you have a car. Involves an affiliate programme to get other web sites that will be included in your e-mail accounts, softwares, mp3 sounds and other downloadedýcontent. Create free product for sales or as an affiliated. Use the Create Space - Amazon.com's on-demand eBook, book, DVD, CD, and more.

There are no setup charges, no reserve orders and you retain the right. eBay.com - eBay allows you to buy everything (whether your items, collectables, junk, etc.) through an auctions, a fixed rate or an eBay shop. Karma Ebook - Submit a script to them for permission. After they approve it, they file your books in PDF file form and load it into their on-line bookshop.

If your product is sold, you will receive 50% of the purchase price. You can also choose to correct your work for $2 per page or for $6 per page. Books envelopes for just $50.e-junkie.com - They provide a trolley, online store and deliver, calculators for shipment, VAT/VAT calculators, stock control, promotions, affiliate managment, and more.

eJunkie offers a basket and pushbuttons to help you selling your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other sites using PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout, Authorize. It is also a display window for information with the FreeIQ taking up a share of the amount of information you are selling.

You will be encouraged to present your skills and know-how in the form of films and complete the sales process there. They will contain whole presentation lasting lessons or brief movies. We' ll post and broadcast all your contents for free, whether it' s movies, music, news or e-books. Although we retain the right to impose restrictions, there is currently no limitation on how much material you can up-load.

If someone purchases an electronic (downloadable) item from you, we will also ship it free of charge. Not only can you yours your own information for free IQ satisfied suppliers be selling your own information based journals, such as e-books, audio und videos eminars and classes, remote workshops and weavinginars, Live workshop bookings, subscriptions circulars, workout and workout routines or phone or in-person consultation.... but you can also get yourself compensated every single times one of your customer purchases something from someone else on the whole website - for a whole year!

The LoDingo - A downloadable Australian giant for audioproducts for health, life style, music, businesses, movies, success, education, travelling, entertainment, sport and talking to people. Lulu.com - Allows you to resell your ebook, PDF book, CD, DVD, photo, and more. Builds your own shop, creates a blogs and offers your own product for purchase.

MIXIVE - Allows you to buy or distribute your own information product, podcast, video, and more. Embed member pages in MixIV with the Member Lock WordPress plug-in. PaymentDotCom - Another place like Clickbank where you can setup shops, sale e-books and other downloaded items (audio, video, softwares, databases, etc.).

Create free product for sales or as an affiliated. PaymentLoadz - A website that allows anyone to download articles such as downloads of games, e-books, music, films, works of visual arts, handbooks, certificates, online sales and more. They can also use their shop, their eBay shop and more - all with an affiliated tracker and payments system.

Free base tier allows you to resell $100 or less with 1 GB of files. Upgrading can be done to resell higher-priced items or get more disk space. Use PaySpree - Makes it easier for anyone to buy your personalized product on-line. The difference is that as an affiliate or merchants you are always deposited immediately into your PayPal bankroll.

Adding more items will cost you a one-time $19.00 for upgrading. Piclimus - Market, buy and distribute your goods and service all over the globe. The RegNow - Primary emphasis is softwares, but they also provide e-books, audio and more. Upload Scribd - Upload your document (Word, PDF, Richte Text, clear text, pictures, Excel, Xls), share it with a global public, receive your comments and integrate your document into the web.

The Scribd Store, where anyone can post and resell their work, was launched in May 2009. Shared a Sales - Selling Items. Shortcovers - A place to buy e-books, shorts, poetry and more. You can also make and distribute a compilation of shorts, talks, articles, testimonies, and more.

MySmashWords - Made by an editor, this website allows you to resell e-books in a wide range of popular and instant format for immediate use. All of the service they offer (free format and upload) will cost 15% of the purchase price. Allows you to post any downloaded files and resell them via widget on your website or your blogs (payable to your Paypal account).

Sales Word docs, pdf, Excel tables, datas, images, video, and more. You' ll be able to share all kinds of file, share or distribute your work for free, build community groups, and find high-value information more easily than through Google. If your creation is sold, you will get a 50% discount on the purchase amount you specify.

Zoome-Create a shop and resell customized products: t-shirts, pinafores, cups, and more.

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