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Large sites covering self-publishing and ebook publishing. A large and growing number of companies publish their books themselves for a fee. Live Page guides you through the self-publication of your e-book in five steps:. Buchbaby.com is an efficient way to distribute eBooks to outlets other than Amazon.

Some of the best ways to sell your ebook is by starting an affiliate program.

You can self-publish your eBooks with YPS Publishing

With YPS Publishing, you can help writers concentrate on the most lucrative eBook development, distribution, sales and distribution options. They can' t use the facts as an argument. eBooks, whether we like them or not, have shocked the fundamentals of the publishing world. We at YPS Publishing work with you to create and distribute your eBook at the highest level.

The preproduction steps for an eBook are exactly the same as for print work. When publishing your eBook with YPS, we offer the following services: Ability to release print issues at a later time without having to restart the layouts. Turnover reports and turnover are sent directly to you.

Please indicate if this is your preferred option during the eBook publishing phase. Similar to the YPS Publishing for printed media, YPS Publishing only produces eBooks that are common in the trade. And not only that, we also take care of sales. Every eBook file (ePub and Mobi files) must have a different ISBN number than the actual one. Self-editors can put their eBooks on as many bookshelves as possible after publication, or they can decide on Amazon exclusive period.

YPS Publishing, as well as the upload ing of self-published Ebook titles to our own eBookstore at YPD Products, also sells through merchants such as Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and their partners to make sure that our authors are widely distributed in the UK and oversee. Just like the real ones, we regularly get updates on our expanding distribution and retailer lists.

Self-editors determine the prices for their eBooks themselves; we will be pleased to inform you about the latest developments. Will I need DRM in my eBook? The DRM (Digital Right Management) รข A DRM-protected eBook can only be viewed on an eBook scanner that has been licensed to the buyer. It is not only that, the advertising created by eBooks can often increase the sale of the pocketbook as well.

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