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Integrate your eBook sales into your website or social media account. Set up your own website and sell your eBook directly online. There are many publishers and authors asking us to sell their eBooks from their own website, and there are many good reasons for this idea, for example: To create an ebook to sell it on your website or distribute on your own - publishing platforms is a unique opportunity to get awareness. Convert your manuscript automatically to the latest eBook format and easily view your chosen page design!

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eBook has quickly become an integral part of people's everyday lives thanks to its features of mobility, practicality and large storage capacities. The eBooks provide a large amount of information around the globe with a pleasant reading-enjoyment. If so, how to make informational eBooks to interest individuals and make them selling on the site more effective? Recommended here 8 best free eBook sites.

This high-performing eBook selling platform benefits individual users or organisations. With this free eBook Hosted site, you can easily build appealing eBooks with animations. You can also set the cost, monitor currencies and preview pages of your flip page eBook. Revenues from the purchases will be transferred to your PayPal bank details.

Browse page proofreading is sure to engage folks in exquisitely contented designing that inspires folks to buy your eBooks. These stunning eBook Hosting website shows great functions. Build lifelike HTML5 eBooks that work on almost any device. Advertise eBooks or brands via email market. "Selling your digitally produced goods with a simple plattform!

" With the help of this astonishing website, you can begin to sell your nice eBooks on Facebook and Twitter as well as any website or blogs. It' also easy to share a book and promote your eBooks like a professional with this high-performance eBook sell-through. Once you have customized the look of your eBook sell page and changed the wallpaper colour, picture and links using the graphical editors, your eBooks will be shipped to your customers' hands.

Simply post eBooks and start selling immediately on Lulu.com. The eBook site makes sure that you can produce, post and distribute your eBooks for free. Trust that "We don't take anything to give you the cash you earn", Booktango helps you post eBooks for free and keep the cash from your e-book purchases.

Moreover, this commendable eBook website offering convenient on-line processing, then you can administer your accounts for perfect viewing. Bookbaby.com makes you selling your eBooks all over the world. They take charge of all your eBooks so you can keep 100% of your net revenue. It' considered the simplest and most durable eBook publishing suite in the world.

You' ll find everything you need to know about self-publishing, promotion and sales of your e-books on this stunning eBook site. "Blurb. com transforms your idea into an eBook for iPad and Kindle. Fix -Layout-Ebooks retain your page designs and can be extended with sound and film.

Explore your options for selling your eBooks with Blurb, Amazon, Ingram or Apple iBooks to bring your eBooks to the market quickly and simply. Dunkie.com is helping manufacturers in selling on-line. It is a great eBook sales portal that turns your eBook sales projects into an on-line store with easy-to-use e-commerce features.

The eBooks on this site can be appealing to attract attention. "MyBook is helping writers around the globe raise their profile and credibility by translating, publishing and selling their works on-line. "With such an excellent eBook-hosted website, your beautiful eBooks can be clearly displayed on Amazon. It is an excellent eBook sales portal that allows you to create SEO-friendly and portable eBooks.

Increases your turnover through impulsive buying, which imitates actual purchasing behaviour.

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