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The technology of today has made it possible to publish a book without scouting for publishers who are ready to put your material on the bookshelves. Vernon shares his experience with ebook promotion sites and testing various price points for his ebook product launches in this podcast interview. The PDF documents sold through their websites as information products. Visit Smashwords, another e-publishing site. Releasing an ebook ebrary wwww.


Which are the most important eBook publishing sites?

Amazonia/Kindle is the largest name in the eBook industry. Writers can simply post their eBooks on the Amazon website themselves. You can also make a artwork using Amazon's tool. Smshwords has no artwork creator similar to Amazon. People have to make their own artwork and follow the Smashword guidelines.

 Google is a third place where you can resell your eBooks, but there is no self-publication on. GOOGLOCHER Books/Play accept PDF,.epub and.doc files for purchase on their website. While Google does not need a artwork for the release, it is strongly suggested that you send in a artwork.

Top 10 Websites to Post and Publicise Your Ebook on the Web

Typing and ebook sales is a smarter way to acquire a convenient extra source of revenue, and in some cases even in excess of your work. When you think you have this killing concept that will go on sale and have the finished design, contact these sites immediately and begin yours! There' s no need to declare the power of Amazon Kindle eReaders.

Doing this makes it the best point to be selling your e-books and increasing your imaging as a writer to the full. Submission for publication will only take 5 min. and will appear in the Kindle Shop within 24-48hrs. Writers can specify their own eBook prices and if there is already a printed copy of the eBook on Amazon, it is associated with the software you have uploaded.

While the fees are low in comparison to other publishing plattforms, many top authors' businessmen find it useful when it comes to bringing their name to market. For an understanding of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform's core concepts, see the tutorial below. So if you're not interested in paying the high charge Amazon charges above, you can very well opt for using this.

However, it is important to remember that PayHip, unlike Amazon KDP, does not have a user base, but rather is dependent on your own network. So, if you want to encourage a site like a website, blogs, fabook or follow tweets, PayHip can help you selling the contents directly to your reader with only a small 5% charge.

You can create an eBook sales page by simply upload the files and add the necessary description with thumbnails and prices. See the introductory guide below for a brief overview. Reader Support - All reader support for ePub, PDF, MOBI, AZW, etc. BookTango lets you release your ebook and keep every penny it earns.

They can also be uploaded and edited on BookTango's own ebook editors. Once you have uploaded, the text editors display all formatsting mistakes in the manual, which can be corrected using the included utilities. In the next stage, you can select from a variety of remunerated covers themes (or even post your own).

Make all eBook detail available and distribute it directly to all large eBook vendors such as Amazon, Apple, Sony, Nook and Kobo (including the BookTango bookstore). BLUR is another great place to get your eBook released (even in hard copy). When you are also looking to get your product hard-copied, Blurb removes the need to use any design engineering softwares as it provides its very own easy-to-use utility known as BookWright.

When you' re done, you can decide whether you want to sell your books through the Amazon Retailer, the Apple iBook Retailer or Blurb's own bookshop, where you get the highest upside. See the demo movie below to learn more about how the plattform works.

Fastpencil is suitable for both types of authors, both for those who are just getting started and want advertising and promotion and marketing help from big gamers like Amazon and B&N, and for those who already have a serious supporter who wants to follow and directly broker to them via Google, Amazon, Twitter and blogs, without expensive sales.

Even though the fundamental typing utilities are free to use for writers and editors, the latter must purchase a publishing suite ranging from an affordable $9. 99 to a whopping $7499 with various levels of properties and supports. When you purchase the facility, FastPencil allows you to input your own ebook particulars such as the metadata, so your particulars will display up in the Search Engines instead of from the deck.

Scribd is another great way to get your ebook up and running, with a database of over 90 million users per month. Just click here to get started. Scribd' one-of-a-kind property, which makes it an appealing place for the buyers (readers), is that it provides unrestricted acces to more than a million e-books and docs at just $8. 99 per month. ÿ.

That is why it makes good business for publishers to consider introducing their eBooks here. However, it currently does not accept self-publication writers directly into its premier authoring software, but rather requests the registration of one of its affiliates such as Smashwords, Inscribe Digital, Book Baby and Draft2 Digital.

You can view the following videos and go to the FAQ page on the website for more information. Filename support - pdf, text, tc, ps, ftf, epoxy, key, ODD, od ds, odg, odf, sxxw, sx, sxx, sxxd, D, PtD, pps, xL, DXX, PptDX, PPSX and XSL. Formerly known as Public! and renamed Barnes and Nobles in 2013, NookPress is the publishing tools website for the publishing ebook browser (just like KDP for Kindle).

There' s no cost to post and post your eBook and within 72 hrs of uploading your eBook is available for purchase and reading by billions of Nook people around the world. Best part is that you can use the publishing tool on the website, you can directly begin to write your ebook there and even work with your editor/friends integrated into the site.

First, the bankroll must be cleared together with the publication of the book. Support for the following data formats: document format: document, text, rtf, htm, html and epi. MyeBook offers a 100% license fee to all authors/publishers who are publishing on the site as long as the introduction is valid. Moreover, the functions are about the same as those of Blurb with the print options also for e-books.

Unauthorized by the masses, the property that makes it stick out is the choice to safeguard your ebook through the system of managing your download. There was no high-quality instructional videos about the services, but it is simple and fast to use.

More about self-publication on the plattform can be found here. Swashwords is one of the world's biggest indie booksellers. Publishing houses receive the comprehensive right to take part in specific advertising promotions such as Ebook Week magazine publication Les an Ebook Week or SmartWords summer/winter sales. It now even gives the user the opportunity to pre-order titles, helping publishing houses to create a stir even before the product is out.

See the below for a more in-depth guide to publishing with Smashwords. Support for ePubs and Word data types. Just go to the website, click Generate -> ebook and set up to reformat your script with the available utilities. They can use the plattform directly, in order to transform your raw design into your visions.

Lulu also provides instructions for creating eBooks to ensure you know how to use the tool effectively. At the other end, if you don't want the trouble of creating the design of your own copy of the work, you may decide to rent an ebook wizard to do the work for you costs a one-time fee of $99.

Moreover, if you are also looking to get the books published, Lulu will help you get that even for $149. See the following link for an offical Lulu usage guide. Once you have established yourself and have a large fan base, you can directly resell to your readers/successors by setting up your own sales page through websites such as PayHip and FastPencil.

But on the other side, if you are just beginning and want to make a name for yourself, I advise you to use the full range of existing forums such as Amazon KDP, Nook Press or SmashWords.

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