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E-book Publishing Services

NEOK Press. eBookIt. eBook Publishers, Producers, Distributors, and Other Services. One of the most valuable resources you can own is our guide to publishing eBooks. World-class prepress services such as ELT book design, e-book conversion, typesetting services, translation, xml services, prepress publishing.

Would you like to know more about the self-publication of eBooks? Mind Stirringly Easy Ebook Publishing Services.

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eBook publishing services are an important part of your eBook publishing package. eBooks are a very common way to test the appeal of a new eBook, and eBook publishing can be a very cost-effective alternative. In recent years, the eBook evolution has transformed the publishing world beyond all recognition, and many writers are taking this opportunity.

The eBook Publishing Services convert your eBook into the three most important eBook file types and include the reformatting and converting process (usually as part of an eBook publication package). We' ll also take charge of the meta data and delivery for you, and once your eBook is fully converting, the possible sells are inexhaustible. Pricing for this services will depend on a wide range of aspects about your books, such as the number of words, the number of pictures and their format.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a detailed offer for this services and a publishing consultant will be pleased to help you. In-house and artwork reformatting, e-conversion to all three popular eBook file types (ePub, ePubi, pdf), ISBN allocation for all three file types and worldwide sales. eBook Publishing Services means that your manuscripts can be available to eBook users worldwide for an unlimited period of time.

This can be a problem, as encoding mistakes can often occur that can lead to the rejection of the file by the retailer. Treacherous indications of a bad eBook are mistakes in the eBook encoding and unclean formating and/or overlinking. Since we use eBook publishing experts for the conversion of our data, we can ensure the best possible production of the eBooks.

Any eBooks delivered to resellers through our distributors are DRM-protected, which limits unauthorized distribution, copy and print so you are in secure custody! eBook merchants can be very selective about the file specification, such as how many words per page, distance and size, not to speak of the use of outside references, so it is important that they are properly formated and displayed when publishing eBooks.

With the help of our eBook publishing experts, we are able to transform the text into the three most important eBook file types (ePub, eMobi and pdf). The aim is to make sure that the book's prospective readership is not restricted to Amazon Kindle device users, as is the case with many self-publishing sites such as Createspace.

Each eBook format has its own ISBN. That is a statutory prerequisite for the sales of works that have been released. Text meta data, together with the date of release, is sent to Nielsen Buch Data for incorporation into the bookstore use. As soon as eBook data has been created and translated, these eBooks can be sold all over the globe for an indefinite period of time without the need for reprint or sales of them.

No question was omitted and replied to in a way I could comprehend, from my first question until the release of my "Efforts". With no exceptions, every move was made at a speed that corresponds to the illiterate in the publishing industry. Not a smoothly speaking salesman; no concealed expenses or agenda; no deadline pressures for the publishing house and not for the writer!

You see exactly what you get on the deal, with the secret benefit of someone willing to walk that additional meter and deliver an end result of reciprocal contentment that in my case surpassed my expectation of ultimative presentations and inferiority. They also take care of sales!

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