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Kinds of self-publishing options on Amazon. You' ll see four options: When I started looking for a publisher, I had three big questions: Self-confidently publish to the market-leading eReader technology for professionals worldwide. Since the publishing landscape is changing more and more, authors of all kinds are looking for possibilities of self-publication.

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Customize your e-book authoring experiences to suit your way of working. Or you can make a script available and let us do the work. Or you can publish it yourself. Take advantage of ProView's ease of use, which currently support seven different language versions. Maximise your title selling capabilities through new marketing channel and contact with professionals.

ProView enables you to directly advertise on the ProView platforms and use the currently existing sales and marketing channel. Collaborate directly with a ProView Publishing Services staff to finalize the publication and delivery of your work. ProView Publishers Services takes care of all aspects of the publication and dissemination of your work.

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There are several publication opportunities. Your choice will decide the size and the way your books will be spread. As soon as it is in PDF file form, it can be redistributed in both hard copy and hard copy, according to the choice you make below. Or if you are sending us your script in MS Word file form, we can convert it into a professionally styled textbook with an individually styled envelope.

Share your work in eBooks and/or paperbacks. Simply send in your work in Acrobat PDF with filled in registration form and publication contract. When they are released, you get license fees for eBooks when they are resold. You can also make your work available in a pocket book version for an extra charge.

Hardcover output has the same lay-out as PDF output, but in 7. 44" x 9. 69" deluxe laminated binding. Have a look at our latest options below for the most advanced presentations. If you want your type script to look more like a professionally produced work than a personal one.

Customize a 6 " x 9" book for just a few hundred bucks with a beautifully crafted book jacket, retype set, size and pagination. Use the default book feature to distribute ebooks from our website. As most large bookstores do not offer "ebook only" books, the choice of the paper back options will make your work available in several hundred other bookstores.

Covers' type and formats are primarily for aesthetical use. But a more proffessional design gives credence and boosts interest in already commendable work. In case the full-text PDF is not available for free on the website of your higher education institute or institute, please place it on your own website and include a hyperlink when you submit your abstracts.

completely free of charge e-book publication: between 10% and 20% royalties on royalties on sales according to the publishing contract. Optionally available PDF files can be converted (see below) or uploaded to Adobe. The set-up charge is $199 (in additon to the $99 e-book publish fees.) The set-up charge is not applicable if the writer buys 20 at a reduced number.

Fill in the book suggestion for a personal answer and fill in the information on the basis of your work. If required, paperbacks are published at locations in the USA, Great Britain and Australia and sold through bookstores worldwidely. Contains all the functions of the eBook publishing and the advantages of a hard copy.

Manuscripts must be available as PDF files in order to be set up as paperbacks. It is recommended that you submit your manuscripts in PDF form. Submission of your work in PDF formats speeds up the publishing and ensures that no changes in formats are made. We can help you if you don't have the full Adobe Acrobat software, by converting your MS Word manuscripts to PDF for $100.

Just send us your MS Word excerpt files and ask for our PDF converting service. Ensure that your script is fully reviewed and approved for publication before submission for translation. The default layouts represent the layouts you have submitted. Optionally, set and page layouts transform your script files from a default MS Word documents to a professional-looking page layouts.

Extra rounding of changes or revisions before the script is released for release costs $35/piece. Typographical and lay-out design usually extends the length of the printing workflow by 4 to 6week. Click here to get in touch with the publishers before submitting your manuscripts for publicity. When you click on the above links, you will be taken to a page asking you to send us your paper so that we can check the specifications of your paper and verify the overall costs of the work.

In case you do not want to submit your script at this stage, you can enter any question or concern you have in the comment field so that a substitute can help you.

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