Ebook Publishing Options

Publishing Ebook Options

There are two ways to produce them: Where is KDP Select not your best option for selling eBooks? Each day I talk to authors and publishers. Check out the following topics to learn more about the eBook and paperback publishing process. There are several ways you can publish your eBook.

Is there a large number of eBook self-publishing options in India?

Hi, Disclaimer First: I am one of the founder of Notion Press Publishing. There are several ways you can publish your eBook. Forums like KDP offer you the opportunity to publish and distribute your books for free on Amazon. You take a percent of the profit from the sale of the books and give you the remainder as a licence fee.

However, the trouble with KDP is that you have to take charge of all the publishing issues like artwork creation, layout, marketing, and more. Another way would be to use a managed self-publishing plattform similar to Notion Press, which provides you with a dedicated publishing expert to take charge of the whole publishing operation and launch your work.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Choose one of our eBook publishing options and we will make your eBook available for worldwide use. Your finished eBook files are available for purchase in all the world's leading eBook stores. Conversion of your file(s) manually into a full-featured eBook that' s compliant with all e-Reading products and makes it available for purchase by all our trading franchise.

Conversion of your file(s) manually into a solidly laid out eBook that' s compliant with all e-Reading equipment and makes it available for sales to all our trading franchise. We' ll give you an ISBN (free!) and manually transform your file(s) into a beautifully crafted eBook that' s interoperable with all your e-reading equipment.

When you approve the eBook document, we make it available for purchase with all our eBook trading partners around the world, which include Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and many others. Once you have decided that we will create your artwork or work on your script, these steps will also be concluded.

What is the duration of your eBook publishing and sales processes? Up to 3-4 of a week it can take to finish converting your eBook and uploading it to the eBook retailing pages, although we often make faster progress. Most stores will offer your eBook for purchase within 24-48h.

Please note: If you also have your covers designed by us or have your manuscripts edited, these can take between 2 and 6 week, according to the length of your work. Can I check my eBook before it's for resale? As soon as your eBook has been transformed, we will mail it to you for verification.

How can I sell my eBook? Their eBook is offered for purchase at all large eBook dealers such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google and many others. Accepted are Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text, Textdatei, HTML, InDesign and Pages-Files. It is possible that we can also take other data formats.

Are you creating eBooks with a definite lay-out (in which the contents and pictures do not flow)? All eBooks are created with a hard copy for Amazon, the Apple iBookstore and the Google Play-Bookshop. eBooks with a hard copy are usually used for eBooks that consist exclusively of illustration or photos such as children's literature, cartoons and cookery text.

We charge the following fee for changing the content: Is it possible to make changes to my meta data (price, descriptions, biography, genre, key words ) after submission of my work? Do I still keep the copyright to my script and eBook? We reserve all copyrights to your manuscripts and eBooks, as well as all copyright and printing privileges.

Is it possible to cancel my eBook after it has been offered for purchase by eBook merchants? We reserve the right to revoke your eBook at any given moment, free of cost, from any or all eBook merchant websites. When you publish more than one book, we can give you any name as editor of your text.

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