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Founded as part of a large project designed to provide you with high quality teaching materials, My Ebook Publishing House is the first of its kind in the world. These are our list of Ebook Publishers. The publishers publish books that deal with e-books. They need to understand that an eBook is organic, not static like print. From My Ebook Publishing House.

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Easily obtain one-stop shopping for fully-fledged, fully-fledged printing, converting, digital, wholesaling and sales professionals at a cost that meets their individual budget needs, without sacrificing uncompromisingly. Our goal is to see our customers' self-published titles everywhere - on-line, in shops and on bookshelves - so that our customers have better and more accessible contents to billions of people.

Clients can use the same port to administer print-on-demand and consumer information, and we provide open entry to Ingram's worldwide sales team. Above all, however, we help independents to return to what they do best: create cutting-edge work. The Ingram Conten Group is the world's leading distributor of printed and online book products for independant bookshops, booksellers, Internet retail and specialist stores and other wholesale companies.

More than 39,000 retail outlets, galleries, colleges and distributors in 195 different markets are served.

Ebook Opportunity for Self-Published Writers

Self-editors should seize this possibility. Which occasion? Last year, the big publishing houses like Hachette, Penguin/Random House, Macmillan and Simon and Schuster re-negotiated their contracts with on-line merchants and can now all determine the prices of their e-books. Dealers can no longer discounted their e-books to reap the benefits of the markets.

That means that the retailing and ebook sales wars and lawsuits are over and now the big publishing houses are hiring their ebook rates in cement. It' a goddamn e-book hatch. Not on other e-books, but on your own. If you look at many new books from established publishing houses, it is quite clear that they do not want to be selling e-books.

Will you buy the Kindle for $16.79 or the hard cover for $17.99? What is your preferred release? Can we get this book of bargains from David Lagercrantz? Again, you can safe a whole dollar by buying the Kindle edition on the hard cover. So I could announce hundreds of e-books from the Big Five, but let's look at why this self-publishing author gives a fancy occasion.

Now, look at the top 10 best selling Kindle e-books, and yes, the two e-books above defy pricing rationale and appear here, but the remainder are assessed at between $1. 11 and $6.99. With digging lower than the top 10, you will find that e-books valued between $2. 99 and $4. 99 are dominating and of course a large share of these are by self-published writers.

Is this creating a niche for self-publishing writers? For self-publishing writers to take the ebook ticketing for their own, the amendment in ebook pricing devised by conventional publishing houses is an occasion for self-publishing writers to take the ebook ticketing over. It is not what conventional publishing houses want. While I was currently skeptical about the state of self-publishing and recently written about it in my Train Wreck magazine this is a self-publishing opportunities for self-publishers to take part of the publishing industry out for themselves.

When the big publishing houses turn up their nose, get'em! Self-editing in general still has a long way to go when it comes to offering a good looking book, and while many, many self-published writers have made great progress in this respect, there is still a great deal of rubbish being out there. However for those who write great histories, the'killing the ebook' costing of the Big Five gives a chance to cause a difference in prices and qualities.

99 has been the medium auto publishing prices spread, why not sitt up your rates a little and between the Big Five and the Slag. It now seems to give a prize point between $5. 99 to $7. 99, which could be aggressive for self-publishing writers. Isn' that a niche in the markets you could try to create for yourself?

When you publish in the pocket book as well that is always a good notion if only for plausibility, why not open the prize between your ebook and pocket book by a buck or two to give better-perceived value to your ebook? Of course, we will see if this is a great chance for self-publishing writers, although ebook publishing is so young that the old wisdom may not have been long enough to be tru.

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