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iBooks Author also provides all the support and tools you need to start publishing web and eBooks to your Mac device. You can sell your eBook worldwide on iBooks. Attract millions of readers by publishing on iBooks. You only need a few minutes to create an EBook app with exciting features and offers. Create and publish beautiful photo books, textbooks, e-books and more.

iBooks - Publish your books to iPad and iBooks!

Attract tens of thousands of readers with iBooks. If you release your books on iBooks, they are available worldwide on iPads, iPad Minis, iPhones and iPhones. And why not use iBooks? You have two ways to release on iPad. Aside from being extremely simple, you get instant acces to the broadest sales channel for freelance writers - which includes Amazon's Kindle Shop, the Barnes & Noble's eBook Shop for the Nook, Sony's famous eReader and more.

With our publishing specialists, we help you every move to get your books the exposure they deserve. What is the amount of money I get when I post on iBooks? If my work is already on iBooks, what happens?

The Vellum ebook publishing app receives updates and pictures

Vellum, a Mac application that makes publishing eBooks pain-free, was launched in December 2013. For me the app's usability was great because it allows prospective writers and editors to make and publish their work for free and then make an in-app sale of $49.99 (regular price) so that the work can be posted on both the iBookstore and Amazon Kindle Store.

The only problem I had back then was that Vellum did not allow pictures to be inserted into the text (cover pictures were allowed), regardless of whether they were single page chapters or full page pictures. Now that Vellum 1.2 has been introduced today, this restriction of the app has been lifted. In the last few months or so I had the chance to test the app on OS X Yosemite, and I not only found it robust, but still probably the simplest way to do it.

Like last year in the check found by publishing in ebook only on the two largest ebook records on the planet, you do not need to run up the cost of obtaining an ISBN number. As it is also possible to create the e-books in their original file types before they are sent for publication, it is very simple to make sure that they will look great in the ebook readers applications (Kindle and iBooks) before they are published.

Attach captions, choose a theme, and attach a title picture. Now, if you want, you can put pictures anywhere in your ebook with a few mouse strokes. While you are about to write your own novel and think it's good enough to be published by yourself, you might want to take full benefit of Vellum developers 180g's 50% discount.

Do you get an ebook that' s released for about $25, or are you just paying $75 to get 10 of them into the ebook memories? Anyone who thinks they wouldnt have the capability to release an ebook with Vellum should just go to the free app downloaden and truc.

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