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Work with a traditional publisher. Maybe you don't want to publish your eBook yourself. There has never been a better time for indie authors to publish an ebook. Being an eBook author, I made some really stupid eBook publishing mistakes and now I'm paying for it. Upcoming on Kindle?

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You' ll be learning how to successfully release your ebook and give it the best chance of being recognized. Teached by Jason Matthews, an ebook publishing advisor who has self-published 10 Books, the course first delves into the main connections, includ-ing Amazon and deals how best to format Microsoft Word documents or EPOb documents to the retailers requirements. Sure.

He also checks important detail such as directory reformatting and covers artwork, and shows how to send the full eBook pack to all large retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and others. This last section of the course will explain how to promote your eBook, which includes creating a website, searching for supporters on online communities, and working with critics and blogs.

They have already begun this examination and have not completed it.

Who e-book publishers are right for you?

Whilst many writers have reported great experience with the various businesses mentioned here, it is always important to review the smallprint to find out which is the right one for your books and your budgets. Ready to spend more than $1000 on additional features that offer advertising or editing assistance? Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to get your books to the people?

Need a feature to help you enhance your text with sound or high-resolution photos, or have you just finished writing 100,000 words of One Direction fantasy? No matter what the authors' needs are, there is a suitable e-book publishing services - and often more than one. For the 70% license fee options come with price restrictions: the price of textbooks must be between $2. 99 and $9. 99 to be eligible for the higher license fee.

Writers can make changes to their work at any moment, and the publishing is one of the fastest, as the works are published within 24hrs on Amazon. The KDP Choose (kdp.amazon.com/select) allows writers to choose a 90-day contract with Amazon.

This includes KDP Select making the authors' e-books available in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library, where Amazon Prime members can borrow their works free of charge and without a due date. Writers deserve a royalty for every loaned work. In addition, the programme gives writers a selection of two advertising options: Countdown Kindle Specials or free product promotions.

Writers also receive 70% royalties for customer royalties in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico. But the big snag about all these advantages is that while they are registered with KDP Select, they have to accept that they will sell their e-book solely through Amazon. Scribd is one of the world's leading distributor of independent e-books to retail stores such as Kobo, iBookstore, Nook and more recently Scribd.

If you use a distribution partner, the benefit is that you do not have to send your books to each individual dealer. Smshwords also provides a set of consolidate selling reporting that allows the author to view information from different vendors in one place. SMASWORDS provides licensing fees of 60% of the listed prices of large e-book merchants and 85% net of direct sale of SMASWORDS, with some notations.

It has sales operations in 51 different markets worldwide. While it provides free ePub file transformation from a Word file, it does require the author to reformat the pre-conversion file himself. There is a free Styleguide for this use or a listing of suggested e-book formatting providers that require a small additional cost.

Writers have the opportunity to select a free part of their textbook so that the reader can test it before making a decision to buy. Smshwords also provides a free of charge corporate founder's own promotional guidebook containing 41 promotional hints. While Blurb focuses on its printing capabilities, it also provides fixed-format e-books for sale through Apple's Blurb Bookstore and Apple's eBookstore.

BlastburgĀ charge a one-time $9.99 e-book publishing charge. Although less findable than other plattforms, Blurb is perfect for writers who have a design-intensive venture such as a cooking or kids' textbook, and writers can also write advanced e-books with sound and film. Writers can use the company's bookifiy to select from available designs or select additional features with the BookSmart downloaded to use.

License fees are 80% of the listed value less Apple's 30% commission for the book sale through the Apple iPad - payment is made either via PayPal (with an administration charge of $1) or by cheque ($5 administration fee). Blurb also provides an inspirational platform for writers seeking a supporting on-line fellowship with a wealth of useful information and practice, a page of advice and instructional webinars, and the Blurb Independent Cafe, which contains a collection of India publishing related materials and advice.

BooksBaby provides worldwide sales to the big e-book dealers like Amazon, Kobo, Nook and iBookstore. Featuring three publishing packs to select from, writers can provide their own e-pub files for free or decide to purchase $99 for the convertio. The license fees are 85% of the net price for the free and default packs and 100% of the net price for the premier pack ($249).

Each package contains entry to the company's Books Promo programme, which contains a Corporate Communications Guidebook, vouchers for Books Trailers and advertising as well as "guaranteed review". "A great thing is the free "BookShop" page, which contains information about the author's books and the purchase button for the various dealers.

BuchBaby can allocate e-books to ISBN' for $19. E-books take between five and ten working day from the time of posting to shops, according to whether the writer provided a document that needed to be converted. BooksBaby also features a base case for $149 and a luxury case for $279. As soon as the writers have released their works, a charge will be made for later changes to the text (e.g. 10 changes cost $50).

Just like Kobo and KDP, BookBaby provides writers with extra promotional and sales options. iBooks Author allows writers to make their own e-books and post them in Apple's eBookstore. It is a little more complicated than other e-book publishing companies, but it is a good choice for designers with multi-media titles such as children's or cookery textbooks.

Writers can select from a variety of styles, which include the classical schoolbook, cookery or photobook, and can easily create diagrams, spreadsheets, sound and videos to enhance their textbooks using a widget or a"( " DRAFT AND DRIVE "). At the beginning the author has to fill out an online Paid Booking account request, which will be checked within about two working day.

As soon as the author has received a verification e-mail, he must click on "Delivery Request" to be able to distribute the work. iBooks Author does not provide a converting services, but Apple does provide a listing of licensed "aggregators" that reformat your work for a charge and ship it to the iBookstore - including Bookwire, Ingram, INscribe, Smashwords and BookBaby.

The license fee is 70% of the listed prices without charges. From a free do-it-yourself edition to a $219 publisher that provides a pocket edition of your eBook and the ability to output it to Amazon and BN.com, Lulu provides four stages of e-book authoring and delivery. We offer e-book sales at the Lulu and Nook Bookstores from B&N and Apple's Apple eBookstore.

At the moment it does not sell to Amazon. Bonuses are "90% of the income from the sale of your e-book" minus the commissions from the sale via B&N and Apple. It takes one to two week to review, approve, and upload e-books to the author's Lulu accounts, which makes the waiting time slightly longer than other items.

Every reworking of the text after its original release necessitates the introduction of a new "creation process". The NOOK Press is Barnes and Noble's e-book plattform and its e-books are available in the US and UK through BN.com, NOOK.co. uk, NOOK Reading device and NOOK applications. NOOK Press was introduced in 2013 as an updated and renamed release of Public! and provides a free, straightforward user experience that makes it easier for writers to easily publish, share and modify their work.

Two fee grades are offered by Nook on the basis of the listed price: Between $2. 99 and $9. 99 emoluments is 65%. At a position cost below $2. 98 or statesman than $10. 00 (but not statesman than $199. 99 and not inferior than $0. 99) assertion are fitting 40% fitting a small indefinite quantity flooding than 35% Amazon for the Lappic cost relation.

The Nook Press provides a" Chat Live" feature and a collaboration type of online community network (similar to Wattpad or Scribd) that allows writers to collaborate and annotate or collaborate on each other's work. It is a design-oriented publishing house that sells all large e-book dealers and the Vook bookshop.

Although its publishing bundles are among the most costly on the market, Vook offers free ISBNS. Writers can start publishing their e-books for as little as $299 with additional benefits such as email consulting or proofreading. Included in the base pack are the converting of most data types into one e-pub format, two free preview and correction sessions, a free and easy selling track, an option free covers and the possibility to integrate up to 10 pictures and three audio/video files into the text.

For further changes after the release, a charge set by the product co-ordinator will be charged. Writers can trace the sale of just one product for people and additive product for a series interest $9. 99. Author can carry out pricing campaigns and provide the product free of charge. Voiceok earns 15% of the proceeds from the sale of securities in its store window. ebooklet is an uncomplicated e-book distribution to Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Sony, Ingram and Kobo.

While there is a one-time $25 sales charge, the firm provides a free of charge $25 free of charge ePub tutorial on how to format your own e-pubs. There is a $149 charge for full reformatting and converting plus a $25 sales charge. Customer-specific covers are available for $99. eBookit retains 15% of the net winnings and author payment is made through PayPal.

Further fee-based activities are the production of audio books, as well as news reports and multimedia-backs. eBookIt CEO has also written a free e-book with 50 of the best advertising and merchandising concepts for freelance author. eBookIt is a little hard to browse with a restricted choice of songs in listing form, without having covers, description or prices displayed.

Writers who are looking for a design-oriented bookshop that promotes findability may want to look elsewhere. The self-released e-book plattform of the self-publishing giants Author Solutions (now in Penguin's possession) is distributed to all large e-book dealers such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well as to the Penguin's Books Country bookshop. Boktango provides free ISBNs and five publishing packs, from a free copy of ISBNs to an eye catcher for $359.

Bonuses are some of the highest prices offered, with 100% of the listed bonuses for titles purchased through Booktango and 100% of the net bonuses for titles purchased through Booktango's on-line retailers. A wide range of additional features are available, such as a trailer, an advertising crew, an authors' website and a website promising to place your work in front of "Hollywood agencies, productions, directors and authors".

" The Booktango is a simple plattform that stresses how important it is for writers to be remunerated for their work. Trafficord provides e-book translation and redistribution as part of its default printing publishing suite. Ebooks are fixed at $3 automatic. 99 and donations are 50% of the net price. The full release will take about 4 week from the date of download and e-books are available from Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, Scribd and the Trafford-store.

Given that the base printing pack costs $549, along with the lower licensing fee for e-books in comparison to other publishing houses, this would be an alternative for writers whose main objective is a printed one. It is another low-cost solution from AutorSolutions that concentrates mainly on printed publishing, but also provides e-book translation and redistribution.

Packets begin at $899 and many additional processing and advertising features are available. iUniverse will set the standard and max prices for all e-books at its sole option and license fees are 50% of the net cost. Like Trafford, with words and emoluments, iUniverse might also be of interest to writers who are mainly interested in printed versions of their work.

Who e-book publishers are right for you?

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