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You can ask questions about publishing, self-publishing, eBooks, books, sales and distribution worldwide. When you are unsure, look for more tips on how to design ebook covers when you need. In a particular national market such as the UK? Accessible & professional self-publishing book service UK. Are you looking for a reliable, experienced partner for complex or multi-titled eBook conversion projects and up-to-date advice?

Publishing a work and eBook

Steps to publish a work or eBook and sell it on Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks and more. Writing a work is the first task: writing a work. First, you need to get your work in a printer- or ebook-friendly outfit. It is best to make your documents as easy as possible, with a clear and neat form and lay-out.

When you print a hard copy of your eBook, you must make sure that it is in a size that your press or publishing house will use. Amazon actually rejects textbooks that have not been processed well. This is what every sellers of eBooks and booklets need, and it should not be a last-minute express order.

You may also be asked to make an extract so that they can try it before they buy. Usually these are the first 30-40 pages of your work. While some eBook vendors like you have a'publisher' website, but it's just reasonable. They want to be able to point out your books to others in all the places where you can buy them.

An easy website for your books is a good one. They' not inexpensive, and they really aren't needed for an eBook unless you're selling through the iBook Shop. I' m not apologizing for having started Amazon. When you are publishing with only one vendor, it should be Amazon.

Fortunately, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is quite easy to use. As a rule, you can buy your copy on-line and within 24h in the Amazon shop. Amazon can help you earn about 70 per cent of your eBook if you rate it well. If you wish, Amazon can also make your textbook available through its various international departments.

Amazons own KF8 filesystem ( "Kindle Form 8"), but the upload of your ePub-ready.doc files will work well. Both the Kindle and Amazon websites will look good with the list page linking to all paperbacks of the books, an authors page and more.

And you can make more money if you use Kindle Unlimited (the subscriptions system where people don't just buy single copies but get to buy a collection of books) and Kindle Owners Lending library - an advantage for Prime customers. Use the CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) that makes it easy, if not always profitable, to release hard copies of your work.

Quite good at this whole bookstore, Amazon. Fill in all the information once and the aggregate will be published on several different forums. However, it may be worthwhile for the lower effort and the possibility to advertise on all smaller eBook plattforms all over the while.

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