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was the Editorial Director of Digital Book World, a website dedicated to the world of e-books and digital publishing. The information in these lists is provided by. . thanks for sharing this list of self-published ebooks platform..

. Previously, all our ebooks were published by bona fide publishers. Barnes & Noble Press has the tools you need to design, promote and publish your own eBook or print book. eBook publishers, producers, distributors and other services.

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Get all the benefits of Kindle's great free promotional books and PLUS selling tips and get 50+ extra eBook selling options now. All authors know that distributing to the big shops like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks is important. Attract tens of thousands of readers by posting to Amazon's Kindle Shop.

The eBook is for purchase and can be viewed on the Kindle and many other users via the Kindle Readers Area. Extend your eBook's coverage with the world's most prestigious online searching tool and even resell your eBook through Google Play, Google's own online sales channel.

Direct your print and eBook to your print on-demand readers and earn more cash with your retailing revenue. With iBooks, Apple's leading eBook destinations for iPad, iPhone and Apple Touch users in over 50 nations around the world, you can easily and quickly access and buy your eBook. You can buy your eBook through the iBooks application, which is available for free through iBooks.

The Barnes & Noble bookselling group is the biggest in the United States with literally a hundred bookshops across the state. Their eBook will be available on their website BN.com and can be bought by NOOK's million users around the globe. Post your eBook in the Kobo eBook Shop and your eBook is available at Kobo.com and all our global bookselling sites.

Kobo holds about 20% of the global eBook sales behind Amazon, and is the premier eBook dealer in many markets, in Canada and Japan. Compete with Copia and its expanding eBook website. CopyAlert allows clients to post eBook commentaries that can be viewed by the Copia communities for a truly immersive and socially engaging reader-friendliness.

Do you want to find people in the European Community? You can buy your eBook at Gardners in the UK's premier wholesale company for eBooks, DVDs, Blu-ray and CDs. The Baker & Taylor Group is a premier publisher of textbooks, video and musical content for more than 36,000 galleries, institutes and retail outlets in more than 120 nationalities. Writers are reaching new target groups in up-and-coming eBook marketplaces and eSentral means that your eBook will be available in three of the biggest eBook shops in Southeast Asia. eSentral has eBook shops in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and will soon expand to other South East Asian states.

" Its Cloudbased Catalogue contains histories, articles, essays, scientific works and works by nearly 1,000 publishers worldwid. The Scribd user can access your eBook through the new paid subscriptions scheme. One of the foremost eBook dealers in Germany, Ciando offers sales through 5 web sites, 60 local galleries and close relationships with over 1300 bookshops in Germany.

Since 2000, long before the eBook revolutionary, Ciando has been a leader in the field of downloadable eBooks. Ciando' catalogue contains over 800,000 eBooks from over a thousand publishers around the world. The Hoopla is an on-demand electronic eBook sharing solution for your eBook to access your library in the United States.

The Hoopla eBook is available to librarians via a web browser or portable device stream. Your eBook is available in local eBook retailing in a number of countries and genre-specific shops within a few week of publication. Retain 100% of your net eBook purchases from on-line merchants.

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