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E-Book Theft: Twelve things you can do to keep someone from copying and distributing your ebook. I have been creating and distributing e-books since 2002. Therefore, ebook thievery is a permanent issue for authors and other publishers (e.g. graphics designer, photographer, etc.

). Every goddamn industrial revolution, the poor quality fruits come out and begin to lie, steal and cheat to get their piece of the cake.

Here, I'm talkin' about eBook thievery. One of the things that called for this posting was an e-mail I recieved from a companion ebook author. I' m done with my first eBook," he said. I' m trying to choose whether I should keep it as an EBook or as a print copy on request? Unfortunately, the brief response, no, there is no 100% foolproof way to stop someone from copying your downloaded eBook.

E-book counterfeiting, copyrights, content stealing, etc. is lively and good - and it will never go away. Conveniently, my general counsel is just to assume that ebook stealing is going to occur. Three-way: Some self-publishing professionals say that eBook counterfeiting actually does help revenue; you spare yourself a whole bunch of headaches if you only know that there is no 100% foolproof way to stop it - other than not put it on the web at all.

They steal my things all the way, so just tell me, I know. I am not saying that you should feel lucky and smug about someone who steals your work. For this purpose, some ebook safety precautions you can take to safeguard your work(s). When you find someone has stole your eBook and sold it, you should check with their provider.

It' difficult to restore an accounts once a payments engine shut it down, especially for things like site thieving. In order to avoid that those who did not buy your eBook steal it, give your name. E.g. take my ebook, "How to type an ebook in 3 working day, sell it & get sells within a week.

You can find the files on my website by performing a basic Google query, if you are guessing right. So make the filename difficult to guesswork. One of the simplest ways to avoid e-book fraud is to use a good online retailer like e-junkie. It not only increases e-book bookselling through immediate shipping, it also reduces the risk of counterfeiting by being housed in a safe area.

When selling directly from your website, periodically modify the eBook upload links to your eBook files, just like your bank transaction or other-passwords. That does not completely avoid theft ("unfortunately nothing" as mentioned above), but it certainly makes it more difficult. I' m not recommending this because it can affect eBook selling, but you can stop files from being shared.

If you are selling e-books on Amazon, for example, they provide you with the ability to avoid this. Never choose this - because I want my e-books to be shared. Crypto ebook is available. FYI, in case you don't know, following is an explanation of what ebook scrambling ssoftware is::

E-Book cryptography is, quite easily, the application of cryptographic technologies to an ebook. In other words, the encoding of an eBook. Enciphering prevents information from being accessed by people who are not authorised but allow the authorised users to do what they want with the information. Also it has.... approach of checks that are taken into account when copying, printing or otherwise using an ebook.

FYI, at the end of this paper, 5 of the most beloved ebook cryptographic programs are listet, as well as a linklist to a listing of the "best of" this type of programs from some technical pros. Like in, trolls the web once a months or so to see if someone has been stealing and sells your ebook(s).

It did stop me though because it made me sick every single times I ran across an ebook of myself, and it can take lessons out of your days trying to take actions against the burglars - which sometimes works and sometimes does not. I stole a whole ebook, and stole parts of my ebook (in this article click on the headline, "Ebook Theft:

Like someone who not only stolen parts of my ebook, but also my professional references"). It'?s difficult to tell what it feels like in the gut when you see someone has stolen his work. Right plott and compose a novel novel; selling your romances; creating cover that are selling; so much more.

That above passed me putting a lawyer on holder once to suit anyone I found steal my e-books. View this monstrous copyrighted contribution, which will cover your copyrights as a contentproducer, and the fines a thief will be fined if they are successfully prosecution. In October 2010, when I had all my problems with someone who accused me of infringing copyrights, I found out how simple it is to downsize a website.

Unfortunately I was on the other side at that point, but I used the expertise and have since closed several pages for theft of my work. They must submit a so-called DMCA message. Not only can this be very efficient for halting the ebook the ives from thieving your contents, but the contents of others.

I mean, if you are converting your Word document - or whatever type of document you are using - to a single document (if that is the size you are selling in) before you upload a backed up one. It used to use this free freeware for my e-books before places like Draft2Digital came along and made it simple to transform your file into various different formats.

There are several ways to back up a data backup. Today, when I save my saved documents (which are mostly downloadable from this page ), I always choose "Restrict Copy" and "Restrict Modification", as shown in the above image. One of the reasons why this simple ebook protection can really stop a bunch of thefts is because, as previously mentioned, most burglars are slack.

What can this ebook do to stop theft? It' s brilliantly stated by web businesswoman Milana Leshinsky in the articles, What to Do About Ebook Itsft. One of the best ways to stop ebook stealing is through this great piece of information. Although it was wrote years ago, it only goes to show the growing in self-publication, and how eBook writers must be alert to their work.

These are kinda techical, so if you're not sure about how to do it while trying to avoid ebook stealing, ask your web designer to do it for you (or someone hire) and/or show you how to do it. I' m still using and recommending the Gigger there for certain types of job (e.g. ebook covers, online publishing, online advertising, online marketing), but I'm extremely cautious about my website and e-mailinglist.

When you wonder why I haven't talked about copyrights on your eBook, it's because once you make the work you own it; essentially it's already protected by copyrights, as in the item, How to copyright your eBook or Self Published Book, which says: You don't even have to file your work with the U.S. Intellectual Property Court to be protected by law.

When the work is completed, the Act clearly states that you own the copyrights and are therefore protected by them. As soon as you are done with your self-published eBook or eBook, you are protected by copyrights. Corresponding to the very extensive article, do you have to protect your script by copyrights?

Is it going to prevent book piracy? You should protect your work copyrighted if you are planning to take legal action to combat ebook piracy. As Sedwick says, "I also looked where another self-published writer said that it was simple for her to show Google that she actually owned the footage when an eBook buccaneer took away her contents, so she took it away faster.

It was therefore worthwhile for them to afford the copyrights for their work. For your information, at this time it is $35 to sign up for a copyrights. Though, when I did a Google scan for "software that prevented eBook piracy," following are a few that I came up with. LockLizard; Electronic Deadbolt; EditionGuard; Top Ten Review lists the best PC data protection comparison, contrast and rating tools.

If you use only a few of these hints, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of your eBook being theft. A lot of people won't bother to steal your contents more than they have to. By way of example, most aren't going to copy your ebook by writing it, if that's the only way they can get it.

That is why it is wise to do easy things like restricting change of your ebook records. And that you've never stole your ebook, cuz kid, that's just no joke! In this ebook we explain exactly what a copyrighted infringement message is and what you can do if this happens to you (here hopes it never does).

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