Ebook Production

E-book Production

This section will look at the online tools that users can use to produce ebooks'in the cloud'. When you think the production of ebooks is a free affair, think again. Our company designs and produces high-quality e-books in various formats for all common devices and reading applications.

On-line ebook production tooling

This section will look at the on-line utilities that allow the user to create ebooks'in the cloud'. Most of them also combine with sales and marketing and use the on-line benefit to give the opportunity to work on a job, whether freelancer or internal employee. One interesting class of tool that has emerged in recent years is that of e-book production on-line tool.

It combines many of the advantages - and addresses several restrictions - of automatic on-line converting service and desk top e-book-editor. They are webbased like on-line converting service, so that they can be called up via any web browsers, by either a team or a single editor or designer. Book-editor like Sigil and Jutoh are installe on your PC.

Automatic on-line converting utilities such as Smashwords and BookBaby do not offer processing toolboxes, they just offer to process a previously created work. The PressBooks is based on the famous website and blogsystem WordPress. When you run a WordPress-powered blogs, the PressBooks user surface looks trusted, albeit reduced to the essentials, to concentrate on the production work.

However, this is not only a WordPress user interface, it is one of the best general-purpose on-line e-book (and print) production applications. Printable PDFs are also generated. With WordPress, PressBooks can do some interesting things. WordPress is used to its benefit in a different way by extending e-commerce and on-line merchandising functions such as dividing chapters and promoting books via seo.

However, most publishing houses work with Microsoft Word or similar documents. It is also possible to export EPUB and HTML data. EPUB, Mobi (Kindle) and ebook or print-ready PDF file sizes for either POD or IDF. And PressBooks exported some non-book file types that make it very useful to bring your contents to other apps (and point out that PressBooks will become a useful'content repository' - a key place to save and maintain your contents).

PressBooks produced a very good output for REFLUFFABLE e-books, and a great plus is that it will generate the inner PDF document for a hard copy. You can also customise the stylesheet - in fact, you can customise the stylesheet for web, eBook and print-flooring as well.

When your materials are time-sensitive or often upgraded, the immediateness and simplicity of upgrading through this system is difficult to defeat, and you can view additional contents that are not contained in the eBook you are exporting now. ressBooks is free, but you need a chargeable feature to get rid of the watermark on it.

It' s strong point is that it masters the fundamentals well in a fairly intuitively way and its use of the very much-loved WordPress viewing platforms shows many interesting possibilities as it evolves. In addition to the PressBooks.com hosting services, PressBooks is an open code open architecture that allows designers and end user to deploy PressBooks on their own server and extend its possibilities.

Here is a movie that shows you how to make a print and eBook with PressBooks. Whilst Inkling was experimenting with opening its publisher platforms to the broad publisher world, it has moved its commercial models to the commercial sector and is aimed at large companies and specialty stores such as internal company documents and e-learning.

Inkling is aimed at the school book industry or industries such as guidebooks or recipes with many of the same features. It is an on-line publication tool that provides editors with a tool for the production and distribution of comprehensive educational and picture-book interactivity. Habitat is similar in many ways to Apple's iBooks author.

It is a user-friendly toolkit for the creation of comprehensive, full-featured, interactive reference works and illustrative non-fiction. Firstly, the Inkling Habitat Appliance is intended for large-scale deployment with functions such as supporting the needs of large workgroups and comprehensive audit controls. Second, publishing houses can directly distribute Inkling textbook products through their own web sites or through their own applications without charging Inkling a royalty (as opposed to works made by iBooks Author that have to be distributed through Apple's iBookstore).

To get contents in inbound habitat, there are three major ways. To import contents into Inwing Habitat, the best way is to import from Adobe InDesign file, the production system of choice for most publishing professionals. Then use an InDesign mapper to assign the InDesign style documents to the InDesign masters.

Additionally, Inkling provides a plug-in for InDesign that allows you to easily create and edit InDesign documents in s9ML, Inkling's standard textML. Another way to do this is via XHTMLs. Although the XHTML file is somewhat technological, it can be built in a number of different tools, allowing importing contents from different locations.

With Inkling you can also begin with a "clean slate". Insert the text of the text of the notebook by pasting what Inkling calls'cards' (basically container for text) and then including it. One important topic for publishing houses using the system is the costs of tagging and easily reusing these tagged sources outside the Inkling system.

According to Toledo, it is planning to release the S9ML specifications as soon as they are valid. Incling tutorials are available as applications (iPad at this state only), XPUB3 (which can also be transformed into the Kindle format) and HTML for the web. Sponsored by the European Commission, the project is promising for education companies and highlights the growing complexity of the on-line publication tool to be used.

Load a script and Bookalope turns it into a file that can be converted into an eBook or a printed work. This can be either complete file types such as EPUB e-books or internal PDF data for printout, or interim file types such as InDesign or Word for further processing and design.

Free, enterprise-class open code production plattform for the production of printed and digitized issues. This is an ever more common option to Smashwords, which offers both eBook converting and hosting as well. Just by uploading a script and draft2digitally it will be converted into e-books for delivery to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook and a fistful of other big e-booksellers.

Aimed at graphic and educational media such as e-books for kids and the like. Chargeable services (subscription per user) with a free test options. Earlier known and Vook and a forerunner in improved e-books, Pronoun combined a free converting services - from a Word script (or download a ready-made EPUB) - with a sales services for large ebook merchants and, uncommonly, Google Game.

Multi-media production tools for e-book and e-learning stores.

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