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iBooks Author is available for free on the Mac App Store and allows anyone to create beautiful textbooks - and almost any other book - for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Designates macOS iOS Designates iOS. I also signed the Mac OS X package with my Apple Developer signature. Select from the main menu "File >Save. mobi.

epub ebook (Kindle, Palm, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, Handhelds, Mobile Phones. Favourite alternatives to SCRIBA Senato eBook Maker for Mac, Windows, Web, Linux, PortableApps.com and more.

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Gutenberg's audiobook project - Project Gutenberg makes available a number of the same great works of music. Songwriters and computer-generated talking book. Librivox - Voluntary Access Audio Book - Translated by international contributors. The majority of large publishing houses use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to proofread their text.

To read your textbooks in the optimal formats via your computer, MAC, tablet or portable device, you need to install this free eReader. Enjoy a new level of usability because the eBooks you buy are displayed on all the machines on which you have ADE installed. Travel to and from work, sports or queuing - find your smiles in a audiobook builder powered guide!

Audobook Builder makes it simple to turn your CD's and file's into iPhone, iPod or iPad books. Connect sound, make advanced chapters stoppages, customize your sound and let the Audobook Builder do the work. Once it's done, you get one or more book audiotracks in Apple instead of hundred or even thousand songs!

There are many sites that provide many full audio guides for free. But the only trouble is that these ledgers are available in many small MP-3s. Audio Book Maker makes assembling and conversion of these audio book data a cinch. OS X's ease of use makes it easy to simply dragging your audio file to Audio Book Maker and clicking go!

The Audiobook Maker makes talking books simple with many easy-to-use features: Book2burn converts text into a range of sound file (Apple AIFF format) which can then be transformed into MP-3 or other file types using applications such as LAME, iTunes or other network utilities. The Calibre is a high-performance and easy-to-use e-book management tool.

The GhostReader is an easy-to-use, fully customisable text-to-speech application that lets you hear text you' ve already typed on your Mac. You can read text from other programs, and you can read and hear text in almost any file size. Now, anyone can make amazing iBooks for iPhone, iPad and Mac, including tutorials, cooking manuals, and more.

Joins Together automatically merges your iTunes library with QuickTime and exports as a stand-alone iTunes song or album. As an option, you can only generate a "chaptered" sound clip of the imported export by pointing to the connected individual channels under Pre-Lion OS.

Easy creation of Epub and Kindle eBooks: Post to any ebook repository, which includes Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBooks, Google Play, Kobo and more. Browse over one million Kindle textbooks on your computer with our free Kindle Reader application. There is no Kindle necessary. Receive the free Nook Reader application for your iPad, iPhone and iPod tou and enjoy Barnes & Noble's award-winning eBook discoveries and online literacy world.

With over 4 million e-books, graphics books, comic books and journals in our extensive on-line collection, you can benefit from our experienced booksellers' special bookstores. The Sigil is a cross-platform ebook publisher (think of Word or LibreOffice, but especially for ebook EPUB) with the following features: Skim is a PDF viewer and notepad for OS X. It is developed to make it easier for you to view and comment on academic work in PDF, but is also suitable for displaying any PDF work.

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