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Yet another amazing free ebook making tool. The software has Admin Login and Author Login, which can create ebooks online. Build ebooks directly in your browser for free. The Ebook Maker can automatically convert your selected files (text file or html file) into html files with a uniform format (background color, title font, text font, etc.).

Hire and outsource your project to freelance Ebook Maker specialists.

On-line eBook Creator to make interactive eBooks that engage more reader

It' an easy-to-use utility that makes it easier to create eBooks with breathtaking pictures, audio and animation. It' a page-like way to make it available to your loved ones, your clients, and a broad spectrum of prospects across the world. This free eBook convertor lets you just download a single file and turn it into an attractive onlinebook.

You can create your eBooks in thousands of attractive designs. Convenient toolbar settings allow you to show or hide any function key, giving your reader the best possible reading-environment. Sharing is one of the great features you can use to simply distribute your favorite photos to everyone.

These guides will take you straight to your best ever online flip page album. When you have successfully converted the PDF into an excellent eBook, you can begin customizing these files so that they can be shared. Buttons in the last issue of the magazine and every readership has the opportunity to post it via e-mail, online and online communities by simply pressing this buttom.

Sharing with people: You can simply publish to them. Simply click on the appropriate SMBs and your online publications can be opened for everyone in the web. Add to the page: Each release you have made has its own cipher.

1.free browsing and browsing softwares in your eBook without restriction

Every pattern has more than 10 theme designs, and you can even customize your own theme by adding custom wallpaper files, as well as picture files and bswf files. Do you want to make a hard cover for kids? Choose from three different versions of eBook: Particularly HTML-type flash-book can be embedded on web pages and blogs.

When you want to create a flashy eBook or a picture gallery with a 3-D effect, you can use the simple 3-D PageFlip Professional FTP Maker. Create a flip-book with a flip-book maker that lets you turn PDF into a real -life 3-D effect flilipbook, such as a panoramic backdrop to create a flip-book with a crisp viewing sensation, and turn and turn a 3-D flash eBook 360 degrees by pulling the e-book.

Especially the simple flip-book makers can even allow even viewers to quickly and simply create videos, slideshows, Flash, links to eBook links to eBook using it. If you want to impress your reader to see your eBook or any e-publication, choose our eBook Manager from PageFlip Professional.

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