Ebook Formats

e-book formats

Wideband eBooks (BBeB) comic book archive file. The list includes the most common eBook formats used by eBook readers and eBook reader software. Many of our books are available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats.

6 most popular eBook formats you should know

is an open e-pub created by the Open eBook Forum and created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It was created on the basis of XHTML and XHTML with the intent of being both a single original and an end users standard. EPUBReader Firefox on, Adobe Digital Editions and QuickReader are just a few samples of applications that can open this standard.

Among the units that can open this document are iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Sony Readers, Kobo Readers and the Nook from Barnes & Noble. It is an Amazon size used on the Amazon Kindle only. It' essentially a MOBI that uses a high level of com-pression. Because Kindle applications have been shared with non-Kindle readers, AZW sized apps can also be opened on your smartphone (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones), computer (Mac and PC) and tablet (iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets).

It is an e-book file that has been designed for Microsoft Reader application. However the contents in LIT file were uploaded from November 2011, while the download of the Microsoft Reader application was suspended at the end of August 2012. You can still use Microsoft Reader on your device, but you cannot create new contents.

Portable Document Formats were developed by Adobe for its Acrobat product line. It is a very common e-book file size because many units have firmware for it. Adobe and Foxit readers, Nitro PDF readers, PDF-XChange viewer, Xpdf and much more are just a few more.

A disadvantage of this is that PDF contents are usually resized to A4 or character sizes, which becomes illegible when shrunk to customize the small displays on smart phones. OpenDocument is the OpenDocument Form. It' an XML-based data type and is the standard for OpenOffice, an open code production suites that is becoming a favorite Microsoft Office replacement.

MOBI, the e-book reader file was initially developed as an expansion of the PalmDOC file system. You can open it with the reader application of MobiPocket, which can be used on many PDA and smart phones. MOBI has its limits. As an example, image sizing cannot be resized with text sizing; spreadsheets are displayed differently on different devices, especially if the spreadsheet has more than one monitor; and there is no interlaced spreadsheet representation supported.

You can open MOBI documents with third-party users such as Stanza, FBReader, Kindle for Mac and Mac, and STDU Viewer. The one thing an e-book consumer should know is that formats can be exposed or secured by a DRM Wrapper. DRM, used as an anti-piracy utility to help keep writers safe, can stop you from opening an e-book even if the size is compliant with your scanner.

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