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You may already know that one of the first things you should do to promote your eBook is to submit it to eBook directories. The University of Virginia Free eBook Library - The Great Books - Project Gutenberg of Australia - The Library of Southern Literature Our complete directory of free eBooks for download. Organize thousands of ebooks by category. Here is the second part of our weekly compilation of interesting articles from the world of eBook publishing. However, the potential revenue from a free ebook directory could be considerable.

e-Book Directory Listing

You may already know that one of the first things you should do to encourage your eBook is to file it in eBook folders. Following a thorough and very thorough research we found out that there is no current and extensive listing of ebook folders yet. So, here it is the most extensive ebook directory listing on the web:

All kinds of writers are accepted for free and for a fee. It has a fixed back to your downloaded page. You need a mutual username and password from the same world. - Acknowledge the availability of free and prepaid e-books. Beautiful directory and you can post an picture. You will be linked to your dowload page, but it is in a box.

There will be no hyperlink juices on your site. Needs a back from your downloaded page. Would its a very cute directory. - Allows for both free and remunerated entries. Mutual free of charge submit links are necessary. You provide a back to your website. Projekt Gutenberg - Accept only free e-books. - It only accept free e-books.

That'?s a good directory. - Bid fee $5 - $8 Free and prepaid e-books accepted. This is a basic directory with easily found hypertext pages, although the site probably has little use. - Acknowledge the acceptation of free and prepaid e-books. Back to your site is dynamically and not statically. Equivalent value not necessary. - Adopted only free e-books.

Has to point to a live file transfer. When you are quoted, they are linking to your site via a non good static hyperlink. They' re not letting you gather email for your free copy yet, their registration forms are trying to get you to subscribe to theirs. - Adopting free and remunerated notebooks.

It' a great directory, but we have a situation with them. All you need is a graphical hyperlink from your homepage. You assertion that they are a PR5, so it's gathering, but most of their collection in which your product is catalogued person aPR0. It seemed to us simply too much to ask to put the graphics left on your homepage.

When you delete your links, they will delete your books, so don't try. - We have to say, very beautiful directory with a lot of circulation. You will only be accepting free PDF e-books and the filesize must be smaller than 10 Mbytes. You are hosting your ebook on their site, so there is not connection to your site.

  • It only accepts free e-books that are pedagogical and of adequate good qualitiy. You offer a back to your website. This directory is sorted by letters, which means that your eBook may be difficult to find. To put it mildly, the directory is very simple. - Receives entries only for free e-books.

Their ebook is posted on their website. - Receives only free e-books. That'?s a good directory. To be included in the list, you must use your enquiry request to be contacted. At Jogena - Accept free and purchased e-books. Lucky to get your eBook listing here! Needs a mutual text links. - Now this is not an ebook directory.

It is an ebook that publishes site, so you will not be able to get listet on this site. - At this time, you do not accept any new entries. Web site is nasty, but if you can get enlisted, at least they provides a static link back to your site. We' ve got one of our 2003 e-books, which has a bad name.

  • you only provide payed notebooks. In order to enter they have a charge of $19. 95 per volume and then they hold 50% of all the volumes they are selling for you. The Ebook must be smaller than 10mb. - The authors do not agree to any submissions and do not provide free of charge notebooks. Only free of charge eBook.
  • Is not an ebook directory, but I assume you may be able to find a point for your ebook. Up to an ebook directory, the only thing that is chilly about this site is the smileys face favicon! ebook directory. Well, we have to admit that the site is kinda chilly for other giveaways, just not e-books.
  • Aren't adopting any new subordinations. they mostly wear invention e-books, but they have some articles as well. Free-of-charge e-books are up-loaded to your computer as well. - Prohibit entries. There' s no directory and a scripts turned up and tried to get us to add her page to our favourites.

Like you can see, trying to find high end ebook folders is just not that simple so far. When you do a Google, Bing or Yahoo based query, you will miss many of these folders and secondly, it will be filled with results that are simply not pertinent. Are there many ebook folders available, but very few that promote your ebook.

When you choose to have your ebook included in these folders, many people need a mutual reference. We find that getting your ebook into these folders should be one of your first moves to ebook sponsorship. From these registers we receive regular website visitors every week. We will be happy to add any directory you own or know that is not included in the listing.

Should you own one of these lists and wish to modify your policy, please let us know and we will be happy to up-date it. For a listing or updating, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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