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Picture with overlapping'Vegetables' titles and a large information section on the page. An eternal meal: cook with thrift & charm,amar eagle. Healing myself, healing the world, practices of liberation. Find out how to make professional-looking e-books with this tutorial and freely customisable e-book artwork in PowerPoint and InDesign.

Eleven Essential Elements of a Well-designed Markaging-Ebook

Do you have many books in your sales team's editorial stock? Along with the rising of the pill and e-reader appeal, sub-books are only gaining in popularity. What's more, they' also become more and more popular. A new Pew Internet survey in mid-December 2011 revealed that 17% of US adult readers had been reading an ebook last year and by February 2012 this figure had risen to 21%.

Whilst we have always looked at e-books to be one of the best wire-gene contents assets at eliminating a Marketers, the fact that on-the-go contents only carves out more of a place in today's increasingly moving marketplace makes them an even smarter option than ours. Being a bit long mold contents, a great deal of work needs to go into creating a well-made ebook.

So, let's concentrate on design today. What is the best way to design an e-book that is reader-friendly, appealing and at the same in line with your own branding objectives? Let's talk about the 11 key factors that make up an efficient ebook design market. As you work with your sales force and designers to determine your own design guidelines, you define design element guidelines such as fonts/sizes, colour scheme, charts/graphics, screenshot and image frames, headlines, etc.

The creation of easy-to-understand instructions and patterns for your various promotional materials such as e-books, speeches, etc. makes it easier for you and your staff to incorporate a common corporate identity into your promotional materials. Now, let's delve into the 11 key design features that you should consider in your next eBook design.

Okay, so your song selection may not exactly be a design item, but selecting a song for any song's contents is definitely an artwork, and it should not be missed. Titles are often the first thing someone will judge before he decides whether to click on or reads your ebook, especially if the contents get divided in societal averages.

Select a book that is both interesting and described - that is, it should be an indication of what the readers will be learning from eBook use. In contrast to blogs, e-books are very engaging because of their length, so you need to make sure that you demonstrate the value in a convincing way in advance.

" It is both a description and valuable headline, but the caption also makes it seem more interesting to you. So, if we know that will definitely make sure folks will judge your e-books by their coverage, you want to make sure you are creating one that is both optically pleasing and consistent with your brands type leader.

Look at how the optical revolution plays with websites like Pinterest criss-crossing up and other popular websites like Facebook and Google + put more value on optical contents, and the importance of tempting cover art becomes even clearer. Easily make the song readable, add your chosen brands to your own personal identity and show a picture.

So, if part of your approach is to build contents that are personalised or aligned to these different target audiences, a useful way to organise and distinguish your contents is a tags system. Integrate your scheme into your e-book design so that your reader knows which e-books are of interest to them and which are not.

We use a colour pattern and catalogue code to find out what is what and to indicate which e-books are suitable for which age. When an ebook like our example here is in-between, the front page uses blues as the dominating colour throughout the entire volume, and one page at the beginning of the volume tells what kind of audiences would profit from each proficiency grade.

The opening contents use an anthracite colour and the expanded contents an original colour pattern. Another design feature you want to incorporate into your e-books is an authors page, especially if you have several members of your e-book building group. An ebook is a great way to enhance your website's image. For example, if the ebook's writer is an authority on the subject, an authors page that emphasizes the author's biography and relevance to the subject is a great way to enhance plausibility.

Add a short biography of the writer, a head shot and, if you wish, a way for the reader to contact the writer if they have a question, such as an e-mail or Twitter name. For added in-house value, you may find that members of your teams are more likely to be willing to waste valuable e-book creation resources when they know that their effort is widely acknowledged by an authorsite.

There is a paper clip for each eBook, printed or digitally, so make sure you have a directory in every eBook you use. Not only does this give the reader a feel for how the eBook is organised, it also makes it easier for him to referencing single topics if he decides that only certain topics are of relevance to him or if he wants to access certain later.

In order to make this even more user-friendly for your reader, some applications such as InDesign allow you to create links between chapters/sections, create a kind of interactivity index and skip to a specific section of the eBook for the reader when they click on the corresponding links in the index.

It gives a clear indicator of their reading success in the books and will help them to create the conditions for the section they are about to have. For example, in our shop bloging errors e-books for example, we organised the sections by the 15 errors we mark, and our section pages mark what errors the readership is going to be learning about next.

We' ve discussed the importance of incorporating socially shared keys into your advertising message. Sure, the ending page behind which you place your ebook is a great place for these keys, but why not stamping them on the pages of your e-books as well? If you are a prospective user, you may not want to share your eBook before you have finished and know you like its contents, but while you do?

Apply these icons to each page of your eBook - either in the headline or at the bottom of the page - so that people can browse and collaborate with their favorite online communities, no matter their time. Simply make sure you enable eBook' landings page linking - not thank you page - if it's gatecontents.

To help you create these online soft copy button for your e-books, take a look at this practical tutorial. Breaking up your "large copies" and "large text blocks" with visible items to highlight or clarify certain points. In addition, you can use visualization to illustrate ideas that are hard to understand in text, and that are suitable for more visible explanation, as we have done in this ebook part!

Whilst e-books can be catering to reach certain objectives, the way most marketers use e-books is to create new guides at the top of the hopper. In order to accomplish this aim, your ebook contents should be primarily pedagogical -- not product-related -- in character. Utilize pedagogical e-books as an occasion to combine your thinking with your consciousness of products.

A way to do this in your ebook contents is with subtle item references and call out when you have a issue or need in your ebook that your items or service adress. What should you do? Ensure that the pedagogical value of the ebook balances your project consciousness plug.

Whilst your ebook is a numerical publishing, you will probably offer it as a downloaded PDF document, and despite what you might think many of the folks who are downloading, it will actually rather be printing and reading it on hard copy rather than on a computer monitor.

That' s why it is important that your ebook is printfriendly. Such as avoiding themes that use double-sided, rectilinear styles that are not well suited for printing. Is your design printer-friendly the best way to know? In addition, you also want to make sure that your ebook is cell phone friend. Do your ebook PDFs look good on a smart phone and various e-readers/tables?

When you are considering making your ebook available for selling through ebook market places like the Kindle Store, things get a little more difficult. You must suit the particular ebook formats of that particular memory, and you will likely have to make chan`s to your ebook's styles, design and folder.

Generally you need to change your ebook to impersonate a very easy design with few visualizations and marginal sizing. And the last crucial item that should be part of your eBook design is - you guess it - a last call to act! Once a readership has finished the ebook, what activity do you want them to take next?

If so, on the last page of your eBook, you make a call for a bid in the center of the hopper and present it to the readers in a pertinent and logic way. Does your ebook have a uniform design that mirrors the corporate brand? Which other design features would you like to include?

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