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E-book Creator Software

Easy-to-use PDF to eBook publishing software for eBook publishers to create interactive eBook in minutes. Web based applications and WordPress plugins to create an eBook. Latest Ebook Creator software. Turn into ebooks for Kindle, iBooks, iPhone, iPad, Kobo, Nook. With this program you can create e-books.

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The Flip PDF is a set of high-performance eBook authoring software for creating cross-platform eBooks with an exceptional literacy record. Flip PDF allows you to upload a PDF of your eBook, adding interactivity and creating a fast-response eBook without a line number. In a few moments, you can post your eBooks on more than one channel.

When you want to put the eBook on your website, you only need to copy a few rows of text, then you can present the eBook on your website or your bog. Ensure your eBook can be accessible from any device, from your computer, Mac, tablet or cell phone.

In fact, more and more folks are browsing contents on their cell phones, you should make sure that your personal digitals are portable and offer fluency on any device. Applying Hot Spot to your eBook can help you maximise your efforts to increase your revenue and increase your volume of business.

Simply include hotspots on your eBook page and help your reader concentrate on the type of information you're highlighting. Use Google Analytics to help you monitor your eBook traffic. As soon as you have added the tracking-key to your eBook, you can receive the information from GA. It informs you of your public behaviour, which includes the number of new viewers, the participation of your current viewers, the pages they most frequently view, which websites, affiliates or searching machines they use, the number of bounces, how long they remain on your eBook, the geographic spread of your readership, and much more.

Seamless read experiences on iPad, iPhone, trays and smartphones. Follow the behavior of publishers using Google Analytics. Easily slide your eBook page with a slide show of your photos, videos, sounds and animations. eBook scrolling with the readability of a real life eBook. Link your eBook to the public on a corporate website, such as e.g. eBook on eBook, Google, Facebook&TV.

When you want to promote your PDF eBooks on-line, you might want to focus on engaging your audience with our truly engaging electronic publication-technologies. The Flip PDF eBook Creator offers you the advanced way to optimize your eBook publish.

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