Ebook Creator for Android

Creator Ebook for Android

The Ebook Creator Free APK version history. Android Creative Book Builder allows anyone to create, edit and publish e-books in minutes. The most intriguing way to create an eBook is to use a mobile device, especially an iPad. CREATOR BOOK - (iOS, Android, Chrome Browser) Book Creator is one of the most popular tools for creating books in the educational world. Select an interactive e-book creator that supports Android, such as Moglue (moglue.


Build ebooks from your Android tablet

Red Jumper Studio has released its own bespoke ebook-creating application on AndroidTabletts. While the appropriately named Book Creator application is probably not what you would use to release your first bit of fantasy yourself, it will be well suited for your own use, for example to make tales for your children, make familypicture galleries or even prototype something that you will make in more advanced script.

Touch the + buttons to insert contents to the page, complete with text, pictures, or sound, and move the element across the page with your fingers by sizing it. i is the Inspector that provides context-specific settings for customizing an element, which includes text size/color (if you have chosen a text piece), or dragging an object to the main wallpaper.

Whilst you can upload pictures from your galleries, you can also use Google Chrome to store pictures directly from the web by holding down a picture. Sharing your handwork with Google Drive and working with others, or adding it directly to your own Google Play Books family.

When you choose a commercially popular and widely used itinerary, you can choose to have it exported as an ePub 3 document for transfer to Google Play or Apple's iBooks stores. Buch Creator is optimised for 7? and above, and you also need Android 4.1 or above.

Download Ebook Creator Free APK - Free Books & Reference APP for Android

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