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Turn PDF into a dynamic eBook by adding rich videos, links, photo gallery and animations to your PDF eBook. Each of my students creates a resource that is available for download worldwide. Just download the Ebook Creation Guide and get started! Download your copy now from the download page. If you purchase UEC, you will receive a download link to a zipped installation file hosted on hightail.


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Ultiimate Ebook Creator is a Microsoft Office applications that delivers 100% flawlessly formated EPUB, MOBI, Word and PDF for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, LULU, eBookStore and more. The Ultimate Ebook Creator is 3 items in one. WYSIWYG 2. E-Book Generator (MOBI, EPUB, Word, PDF) 3.

Specialist article organisation data base system. Saves and organizes 1000 items with text and pictures. Integrated WYSIWYG-Coder. Export to Word, HTML, PDF, RTF and more.

The Ultimate eBook Creator : Logiciel de création de livres électroniques Kindle, iPad et Android Geräte[Télécharger] : softwares

It is clean, quick to install and ready to use in a matter of a few mins. It is well conceived and works. It' particularly suitable for the seamless integration of high-resolution images into an eBook. Authors support their products with many educational video clips. Many of the author's website has Kindle eBooks compiled/written by other Ultimate eBook Compiler user and the example eBooks I have been downloading look quite well in format much better than most of the eBooks released independent and some even near those released by largelishers.

Hopefully critiques like this can get the creator of UEC to create ready-made models for this piece of code - for those of us who like a real plug-in that has no learn curves, that is another instant away from the real script. I' m happy to buy a bunch of professional designs for fiction, non-fiction etc.

Hopefully, the large number of tutorial video clips provided by the writer will remain largely untapped by those of us who are more enthusiastic about authoring than masters.

What is the price of publishing an eBook?

You can access your e-books on a steadily increasing number of eReader and handhelds, including Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Barnes & Noble's NOOK, Android tabletts and your home computer. Every single working days ebook is bought by million of people. Publish an ebook to help you communicate your unparalleled expertise and your thoughts to audiences around the globe.

Just download the Ebook Creation Guide and get to work! This policy does not ensure your first attempts at converting, but following these directions will significantly improve your prospects of succeeding. Which kinds of script file can be transformed into an eBook in EPUB-code? What is the price of publishing an eBook?

When you are a do-it-yourself publishers, there is no charge for using our free conversion and/or publication tool for your ebook editions in PDF and XP and EPUBs. However, if you need a little help, we can provide you with several inexpensive e-book packs.

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