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ebook cover generator - rpm

Extract the first image (cover) of an eBook (CBR, CBZ, CB7, epoxy, PDF). In case no edition is specified, the image has the same name as the ebook, but with the suffix '.jpg'. It is possible to create multiple editions in multiple sizes for a specific eBook. GM is used to resize images or extract covers from PDFs.

There''s no need for GM if you just want to remove the cover of cb*, e-books without sizing. You can find information about the global data sample here: DONE:',', ....ERROR:',', ;; forceDirectorytrue/false/undefinedAlways always creates a contained folder for the content of the unzipped/extractory.

In the standard case, a subdirectory is generated if there is more than one top-level filename or subfolder. noDirectorytrue/false/undefinedNever creates an included subdirectory for the content of the unzipped zip files. noRecursiontrue/false/undefinedDo does not try to unzip zip files in other zip files. If you are unzipping a.tar.gz document, for example, unpack only the. gz document and not its content. copyTimetrue/false/undefinedCopy the change period from the zip document to the included location if one has been generated. passwordThe passcode you need to use to decrypt your secure files. passwordEncodingThe encryption that should be used for the passcode for the zip when it is not known.

When not specified, either the code specified by the ene coding or the automatically recognized code is used. outputsIf no code is specified, the cover picture is stored in its origin.

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