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In this webinar you will learn how to create and distribute interactive eBooks with SoftChalk. MyLend Maker is an eBook Builder for Mac OS X that lets you effectively share your books. Download eBook Builder The eBook Builder is a free Windows application that falls into the Home & Amateur softwares section with the eBooks (especially Creators) sub-category. It has received 29,715 updates since it was added to our range of applications and applications in 2006, reaching 25 installs last week. 2,715 updates have been available since then.

On downloading, eBook Builder is a fairly lightweight application that does not take up as much room as most applications in the Home & Amateur softwares group.

It is available for Windows 95 and earlier and is available in English only. E-Book Builder is ideal for the aspiring or experienced contributor. Build your precious chapter/book sized pen ship using Rich Text Format or simple text into stand-alone, stand-alone EBooks (EXE) that do not require any support to work.

eBook Builder 2.0.334 free download

It is downloaded via a special software package. There is no relation between this software and the creator. eBook Builder can also be downloaded from the author's website. As part of our AntiVirus and AntiMalware Filter System, the Downloads Managers certify the integrity of the files. In addition, the Downloads wizard can provide you with additional tools such as an on-line translation tool, an on-line back-up, a searching toolbar, a PC healthcare toolkit and an entertaining app.

For more information on these options, please visit their respective pages.

E-Book Builder 2.00 (free)

Publishing your contents by professionals can be a time-consuming, costly and lengthy work. But with the emergence of today's technologies, the EBooks media has become very much loved by creatives, as well as publishers and contributors to their work. EBook Builder provides a whole set of utilities and features that enable users to successfully build their own contents in the shape of an EBook.

It allows you to add up to 4000 sections and edit the contents using the application. In addition, new functions allow the numbering of sections, the assignment of headings to the individual sections and the definition of colour-topics. Operator information is also secure, as the EBook Builder provides passwordprotection.

When users want to printout the information, they can use this feature because they can printout sections to get the contents in paper format. EBook Builder is certainly all-in-one for the purposes it is intended for, as it provides all the functions necessary to build your EBook and does not require any extra manuals; it can also be used for other purposes;

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