Easy Story Ideas

Simple Story Ideas

Choose a character to represent you and speak for you while you talk about yourself, your life story and your interests. So, how do you get a good story idea? It is no easy task to develop ideas - good, sustainable, the readers want and the editors are overwhelmed. It's really not that hard to come up with a plan for a story. Ideas are everywhere you look.

Ideas for stories (creating an animated film)

It' always difficult to develop a story. However, there are ways to make the whole thing much simpler and to overcome the "writer's block" that many are experiencing. That' s why when I have ideas to develop, I like to use the restriction method. This film will have only two protagonists.

Yes, I have chosen that my two protagonists are a dice and a dance. This would not only greatly simplify my 3-D modelling and manipulation processes, but it would also be an astonishing task as an animation tool to put real lives into such fundamental forms. It' to think of the real story.

So I began to think and break down the items to make up the story. What is the major distinction between a dice and a football? What would make the distinction? First thing that crossed my mind was leaving. When you don't have feet or hands, it will be much simpler to move as a dice rather than a tow.

So, I already have a character conflict: This is a dice that tries to go down a slow track and an arcane sphere that zooms around and shows itself while the dice is fighting. I' ve noticed a dispute between the two personalities and found an interesting dynamics. When would a dice have the edge over a football?

It was clear that the response was a tendency. On a descent the football would run fast, but the ascent would be more difficult. I' ve got a dice and a bullet going down a long street, and as the dice fights to move forward, the bullet rolls free and mocks the dice.

The dice rise slightly when they hit a mound (because it has shallow sides), but the golf balls cannot get enough swing to move. Is the dice going to help the game after its pride and ego? I' ve got a story. When you wonder how they do it every single times, we have actually analysed the story tree of most of their movies and cooked it up to an astonishing volume that can give you a whole bunch about great story-telling.

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