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Read and listen to short stories for children free of charge; simple, simple, animated stories for children with audio and transcript. Medor, a dog living with his family in France, tells the stories. A number of well-known children's stories are translated into French and spoken by a native speaker. Tagsged: Listen to short stories.

Woodscene bw from hotblack via Morguefile - Read stories from actors - Bait from Nicky Winder.

Includes 5 simple short stories in English to promote education.

We rarely forget what we are learning with our hearts. Short stories can make this possible for your English. If you read works by great authors, it is good for the mind, and the English tongue has tens of thousand people who can select from all kinds of music. Short-stories are awesome materials for hearing, talking and typing and can increase your consciousness of the real life and your understanding of Germany's people.

We show you how to get to grips with short stories in English, where to find them and five simple ones you can still do! There are many advantages to learn with short stories, regardless of your present language skills. They' re, well, short. Unlike fiction and longer text, short stories are perfect because they can often be shared in one session.

Given the immediacy and ease of speech in many simple short stories, they can significantly improve your understanding of the text without affecting your focus. Short-stories represent the voice of reality in a useful way, and their culturally and emotionally effect goes far beyond the acquisition of grammatical structure, words and the like. In fact, the multicultural aspect can be a strong incentive to continue studying it.

Several of the more vivid facets of German language use, slant and pop phrase - can often come to life in strong short film. Tales that concentrate on specific themes and places work just as well as words, as interesting words and sentences are presented in an interesting setting. You' re improving your typing ability.

Nothing is as good for copying as copying, and great authors encourage it. You' ll often want to simulate mighty typing, and short story telling will help you acquire new grammatical structures/elements that you can use in your own text-making. The stories often involve real-life dialogue that introduces you to a wide range of slang phrases and manners.

A lot of these stories will also raise issues that have the capacity for controversies. Discuss the narrative with a linguistic associate and discuss your views and sentiments! I have so many ways to use short stories that it is not possible to include them all, but here are some that I found very useful in my experiences as a student and schoolteacher.

Watch short stories podcast. Literature is a very favourite podcast in German-speaking countries. It' easy to find great reads of stories by some of the best authors in the game. Before you read the text you can hear the stories and then hear them as you read them.

It can help to build up hearing abilities, enhance speaking and even readability, as e.g. voicing often contributes to better understand. Short stories podcast can be found on Podcast.de and vorleser.net. Make your own writers' work. For example, after you have read and analyzed it, you can try to emulate the short storyline or try to create a successor with the same signs and plac.

Storytelling can be an excellent place to start your creativity. Subjects are given, your existing terminology and having these items at your fingertips can help you create and enhance your work. Write new stories from another character's point of views. An apparently easy task that can offer great grammatical exercises, incl. verbs conjugations, accents, etc.

Changes in perspective also give great possibilities to practise words related to emotion and feeling, as different personalities have different experience leading to different emotive reactions. Create flash cards with new words and their meanings. Short-stories often create interesting new words in unforgettable situations.

The most difficult task in a new world is to successfully combine written communication of your thoughts and experiences. Short-stories about these connections and cause-and-effect relations provide you with very useful samples that you can copy in your own stories and articles. Summarise the history verbally and in written form.

Summarising is one of the best verbal and literary abilities in the field of linguistic education, and short stories are an excellent source for sums. Attempting to tell a 10-page tale in five or one page in five minutes is a great practice. This is something I always recall doing in my higher courses, and I learnt more from it than from any other kind of typing work.

Take yourself in for a readout. Hear the tale that a local readership reads, then practise your own speaking by listening to your own readings and making comparisons between the two editions. You can find many resources for great short stories in the internet. The SOS Halberstadt - A great site to find English books in plain English, even for newbies.

Included in the category are balls, tales, short stories and umbrellas. Projekt Gutenberg - This is a English translation of the Gutenberg project. The museum has an extensive collection of works by the most important European writers and translation of other classic languages. This is a nice, easy to use little site with some really nice short stories, poetry and a lot of short and nice lyrics.

It' s difficult to select stories in a tongue with such a wealth of literature. My decisions here concerned a balanced between linguistic literacy, simplification and straightness, and the ability to learn German and English words and phrases. The choice of stories that are evaluative and have a strong narrative doesn't hurts either, so I tried to include some of it in the mixture.

It starts with a boatman seeing spirits, but what looks like a "ghost story" finally becomes the history of an unimaginable kind of charity and a magical experience that makes it possible. Considered by some as a fictitious portrayal of some of Schiller's concepts of mortal liberty, Goethe's history was a way of showing how a mortal spirit can become whole and free.

This may seem almost too profound, but the history's vocabulary is easy, and the conflict it represents is not. The vocabulary and vocabulary includes a description of the countryside, the present perfectly and verses that refer to motion and stand. Goteo is one of the greatest authors in the country, so you may not yet be able to savor some of his more elaborate works, this tale is a flawless introductory guide to his work.

There is an Anglophone language available to help you with new and unfamiliar words, and this audioversion can be a great instrument for hearing and speaking training. It is part of a bigger work called " The Apprentices at Sais ". When an elderly man begins to tell stories about strange countries and beautiful things he has never seen before, this sense of unity is upset.

This is a nice little movie in plain but poetical style, the history is a great educational film. The grammatical points that can be learned from this history are spoken in passiv and spoken indirectly. With regard to lexicon it offers very interesting vivid description and many useful words and expressions to convey emotion and feeling.

This easy Harmonie-Trigger-Chaos-Journee-Restoration can be a good point of departure to write your own stories and paraables in the style of the Romanticism. Novalis is one of the most well known. And last but not least, it is a nice tale that will make your hearts beat faster. When I grew up I had a compilation of short stories with a typical spain adaptation of "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten".

" Somehow the storyline got bogged down in my mind, and I've always been intrigued to find new releases, movies and sound files from them. Nothing surpasses the primal history of the Grimm family. It has been interpreted into 160 different tongues, and there is a good cause for it.

It is a great way to get to know conversation German because it contains many dialogs, and it is also good to know how to organize sentences by cause and effect with words like (because), as (as) and at last, among many others. It' ideal for the beginner, because the course is so easy to use that you can derive new words from the original text even in the early phases of your linguistic competence.

If you click on the links in the headline you will find a bi-lingual copy of the film. He is one of the greatest authors in Germany and one of the few to have won the Nobel Prizes for Literary Studies. He told a tale of a fisher who talks to a visitor about work ethic in answer to a very particular situation in Germany.

At the beginning of the sixties, the boom in the white coal industry in Germany, and "The Happy Fisherman" was used to challenge the work morale associated with this economical bonus. It' as easy as it is power. It' a great way to practise the form of the futures and the terminology to voice your hopes and forecasts for the futures.

It' easy to understand. Its easy to understand layout can be a great challenge for a history write exercise: someone is calmly enjoy their lives, and someone else comes along and asks their lifestyles and philosophies. There is also an audiovisual lecture in English available. Masculine authors receive more media than feminine authors.

Scorpio recounts the tale of a man who considers himself barred from the company because of his appearance. In addition to all the other good points, it's a great storyline to know how to describe a face and yourself in an interesting way. There' s a short vocable table for the history on-line, as well as a small, partly animation in English.

I' ve often thought about why I learnt so much from short stories. Turns out we are learning more with our emotion than with our logic brains. There is nothing like emotion and feeling in your mind, and I strongly believe that one of the most efficient ways to study English is to read stories that move you.

Enjoy the English version now!

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