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Simple self-publication

In order to help you, we have compiled these Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides to help authors through the process. Self publication is not an easy way out. How do you publish it now? This is the wonderful world of self-publishing. It is incredibly easy to use and creates beautiful ebooks in various formats.

Self-publication made easy!

Physicians ask for information before making a diagnose. Trial lawyers ask eyewitnesses a question to help them set up their cases. Newsmen ask queries to gather information for their article. Similarly, when they sell to a business purchaser, writers and editors should ask information, share information, share an idea, develop their case, develop relationships and confidence, and identify unexpected traps to minimize risks.

Well, then stop babbling about your ledger and ask more than that. In his classical work How to Win Friends and Influence Peoples, Dale Carnegie recommended that we be a good audience. And he said to us, "Ask a question that the other one will be happy to answer." However, most individuals do not use this counsel when they sell their accounts to business customers.

Consulting: Fast and easy self-publication instructions

It is self-representation; publishing is self-publishing, for self-publishers as well as for everyone else. Whereas typing demands loneliness, doing good deals demands teamwork. In order to help you, we have compiled these Quick & Easy Self-Publishing Guides to help authors through the game. As soon as you know what to look for, you can take care of what happens to your work after you finish it.

When authors think about self-publication, they ask themselves a number of different things. One or two are fear-based issues such as: Do I have the same state as a "correctly" released post? This we can disregard, because we have to disregard all self-doubts, which disturb the productive production and river. However, there are also applicable, work-oriented, imaginative issues.

For most of the independent writers, the book trade's book publishing mode is not economically sustainable. Effects of scaling mean that we cannot currently rival the specialist publishing house in the printing sector. However, with the help of electronic and POD (Print on Demand), we can.

It is free and easy to publish your own book: Get step-by-step instructions

Self publishing is free and easy. But before you give someone a lot of money to reformat your notebook or pocketbook or create your covers, you must learn to follow these simple, no BS guidelines for doing the job on your own. And I think you'll be amazed at how easy it is to get results professionally without paying a cent.

And the only tools you need to do all this is Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Before 2007 releases of Microsoft Offices didn't have the toolbar at the top, so if you're dealing with ancient softwares, this can still be useful, but you'll have a bigger one.

You are strongly encouraged to purchase the Atlantis Word Processor, which you can use for free for 30 consecutive nights, after which you will be charged a one-time $35 to keep it forever. And if you are waiting to begin your free months until your MS Word document is available to ePub, you can do everything you need in one day and never make a payment.

The Atlantis Word Processor is recommended because it is the simplest way to convert an MS Word document into an error-free public with a few simple steps. To use Atlantis is as easy as to fall from a tree trunk, which is my favorite degree of skill in most things.

First, build your e-book. Turn your formated e-book into your pocket book in just a few mouse clicks. Now you can even turn your notebook into a pocket book. Then, make a single artwork for both of them. Ready your envelope, your copy and your tag (all this will be covered in stage 4). Not until then release. Don't hurry your e-book out there before you've prepared the book.

Don't release your Kindle eBook until your Smashwords ePub is final. Yes, you can make changes after the release, don't worry (which is a big advantage of self-publishing). Finish 100% of your back room work before you go out in the open with anything, saving you a lot of work, trouble and disappointment. I: Begin with your EBOOKHow to reformat your script as an eBook, for Amazon's Kindle and for websites that need ePub, such as iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

II: FROM YOUR PAPERBACKAll you need to know to turn your email into a fully formated pocketback. And part III: Creating YOUR Covers to make a great jacket suitable for both eBooks and paperbacks. And on Smashwords, which bring your eBooks to the outside world, even to the library, with iBooks, KOBO, Barnes and Noble, as well.

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