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The series entrepreneur Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has launched a second Innovative Finance ISA under the easyMoney brand. A show where we find EASY ways to earn more money, save a lot of money and find uncollected money. The phrase Easy Money often refers to the presence of low interest rates. Use these tips to make fast money by completing online surveys and avoiding fraud. When you're born into money, it's easy money, but working for money isn't that easy.

New high-interest-saving product

The company Sir Stelios, creator of easJet and proprietor of the easy trademark, is known for taking out the intermediary and making a better offer to the consumer. Sir Stelios established the company simpleJet 23 years ago at the tender age of 28, making Europe's aviation industry open to everyone. By using intermediary chopping technologies, easeJet was able to reduce the price for the traveler.

We aim to provide more cutting-edge product than the big guys and connect this with a deep-rooted corporate heritage that focuses on client experiences and services. Loan directly to UK-owned real estate pros and get a high yield on your assets. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) #231680 autorisiert und reguliert.

Please note our risks evaluation.

simpleMoney IFISA: What about 4% and 7.28% Innovation Finance IAS?

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has started a second line of products under the umbrella trademark easMoney. Whereas the first provided a targeted yield of 4.05%, the new'balanced' IFISA is a riskier option with a targeted yield of 7.28%. As the name suggests, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the man behind easyJet, easyHotel, easeCoffee, easGym and easeFoodstore, belongs to the family.

In February, we already reported that the company started the business with its "Conservative" ISA, which has a target response ratio of 4.05% and various purchasing rebates for those who register. After testing the water bodies, easeMoney has now introduced the "Balanced" IFISA to the waterways. It' s targeting a yield of 7.28%, which is one of the higher returns out there.

But as we will learn later, we should emphasize that the new asset offers a much higher yield because it is a more risky one. simpleMoney IFRSs divide investors' fund into several real estate-secured peer-to-peer credit. For all credits packed in the "Conservative" IFISA, the company applies for a maximal Loan-to-Value (LTV) of 65%).

With the " Bilanced " IFISA the max. LTV is 75%. SimpleMoney's "Balanced" IFISA has a higher £10,000 deposit than the "Conservative" of £1,000. As easyJet Plus, which allows fast passenger access, offers immediate 3%-55% discount on all products at over 100 of the UK's largest retail outlets such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Currys and the Apple Store.

There are also up to 55% off Vue, Cineworld, Odeon and Picturehouse movie theatre ticket, meal and beverage discount. simpleMoney says members also receive up to 200 specials directly from the top brand names. easyMoney plus is free (provided you have paid at least £1,000).

Most importantly, with ISA' s, your assets are always at stake. There is also the possibility that they will be paying you later, but Easy Money says it will keep you covered for up to two month in this state. Let us begin by saying that it is hard to make like-for-like comparisons when it comes to financial innovations, because it is what you want from them.

Mortgage can be loaned to private persons, companies and infrastructural works - some of them offering higher yields than others. In order to give you an impression of what else there is to choose from, here are some of the best IFISA fares on the net. By the end of the working days, when your money is in danger (without a security net), it is important that you do your research before you invest in an IFISA.

You can see that easyMoney's tariffs are unbeatable. We are certainly not gimmick enthusiasts to whip finance but it could mean that this IFISA will become more precious if it fits your unique purchasing needs. Prices can be beat, but if it is nothing else, they are interesting new and it is good to see some long overdue innovations and competitors in the IFISA area.

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