Easiest way to Write a Book

The easiest way to write a book

Well, time is relative, especially in a writer's world. It' easy for any of us to get sucked into a shiny rabbit hole. You're better than your favorite authors. Are you able to access your files wherever you are? Oh, how I wish I had had a picture book blueprint when I started writing picture books many years ago.

As one writes a book...FAST

Well, time is relatively, especially in a literary realm. Frequent network with other authors. We' re authors. We' ve got to type! I found one of the things I found early on was that I seem to be typing quite quickly. Recently Joe asked me how I had already composed more than four books in my brief work.

See, my aim is to get into a whole new world. So, how can you start composing a work now? I am fortunate because I do not come from a classical school. You' ll see if you've been growing up wanting to be a writer, and you' ve taken classes, majored in typing, had Pulitzer gaining professors, etc... along the way you've been told guidelines over and over again.

It began with a common objective. It' not possible to disregard your wives, children and your bill all the time. Now, if I have a time limit, my target is 10,000 words a weeks. So I can put 2,000 words on Monday, 1,000 words on Tuesday, and so on. I' m still on track, but I still have this target to achieve every time.

Achieving my goals every week enabled me to reach my greater aim of composing every novel in just two heats. I' ve got a way of making books. I' m always wearing noise-canceling earphones with a sound track specially designed for the novel I'm in. I' m always typing in the midsummer.

I just sat down to type. Just typing in the same place every single working-day may give you the convenience you need to accelerate the way to the completion of your work. It is my aim to compose six books every year. Well, you could be a great productive author.

You' re probably the laziest author on the face of the earth. You think you can finish a script in a months time, do it. When you' ve been told that it takes twenty years to read your own work, why are you paying attention? What will be the direction of your future careers if you are rewriting the rules? Explain for fifteen-minute speeches about what your typing careers will look like in ten years' time if you disregard the counsel of all the "experts" out there.

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