Easiest way to Publish a Book

The easiest way to publish a book

If they send it to you, create a separate KDP account and upload it for sale on Amazon. Create an account with the program. You' ll need it to upload your book and manage all the details. What is the easiest way to publish our book? Here again, AgentMatch is probably the fastest and easiest way.

Getting published on Createspace in three simple stages

When you decide to release your own eBook and want to keep a real one in your hand - much more satisfactory than an eBook - the simplest way is to put it yourself on Createspace. I am a commercial writer now, but I get the frustration when I try to release your work because it took me ten years to get my big breakthrough, and I'm still publishing myself.

Recently, for example, I released an anthology of sci-fi shorts with the title Revolutions and released it on Cretespace. So I' ve been able to release myself on Create Space several time and I' ve learned a few things. CREATE SPACE: Why Self Publishing? The simplest way for an ordinary individual to get their own publication, as it' s publishing directly on Amazon's pages around the globe.

Amazon is by far the largest self-publishing site with a 40 per cent stake in all of our titles and 60 per cent of the total on-line publishing world. While there are other ways to get your work on the Amazon website, because Amazon Createspace has it fits in very well with the entire Amazon eco-system.

If you want to post on Createspace yourself, you must first register here for Createspace. Then, click Add New Song and select the wizard set-up that gives you a unique fill-in window. Name of the work. Subtitle, series name, edition number, publication date, ISBN (creation area allocates an ISBN automatically).

After you have selected your text file name, please copy and paste the text of your text into it. CREATSPACE uses the Adobe PDF file for the text part of the work. Once you are satisfied with the layout of your books, you can post the inside of your books on Create Space. You have two ways to create your own artwork or use the template-based Covers Creator.

You are advised to create your own artwork. Covering a textbook is crucial to attract the reader, and a template-based layout stands out less from the masses. It' not hard to create your own album. The easiest way is to find a picture, resize it and include the name and the name.

I' ll describe the design procedure of a Kick-Ass covers in more detail in How to make a notebookover. You have two options: Use your own source photograph or your own art work or simply select one from an album. It is the least expensive and simplest way to use your own photograph, but the picture is usually of better qualitiy.

Covering a createspace is a more complex task than publishing on Kindle alone. The reason is that Kindles only displays the front panel. Also, a hardcover and back (the center bit) are required for a hardcover. Envelope sizes depend on the number of pages, as this defines the width of the back.

Fortunately there is a Createspace back width computer. Simply type in the number of pages in your textbook and the page sizes you have chosen and a downloaded artwork will be generated. You will need a photo editor to resize the artwork and include the song and your name as the name.

First, open the artwork pattern for the crew space. Now open the picture you are using as your wallpaper as another level. Attach additional text levels for the name, your name, the tag line, the flap text, and the backgammon. To insert the ISBN bar code, place a small square in the location shown by the document.

Ensure that the label is not near the rim. These also include the edgings between the front and back and the vertebra. You have an edged guide in your creat space artwork, so make sure you use it. At the end the sleeve should look something like the chart below: If you are satisfied with your artwork, please send it to us as PDF.

Reduce the picture in GIMP (Layers/Flats menu) before you export it as PDF, otherwise your picture will not be displayed correctly. Click Creation Room, click Browse.... choose the PDF of the artwork you created and click Upload. It' ll take several and a half hour, but finally Createspace will send you an e-mail saying that the product is in order, or there are issues.

To ensure that your books look exactly as you want them, please be sure to review them with Createspace on-line profiling-tools. There is nothing harder than getting a work that is not what you were expecting because you made a big error. Descriptive text (up to 4,000 chars - use it to write your own story to the reader).

Principal market of release (UK, USA etc.). Personal I favor mate, and most commercial textbooks are dull, so I'd go with that, but it's up to you. Choose all of them to spread your game. Notice that choosing these sources does not necessarily mean that bookstores and librarians will have your work in stock - it's more a matter of advertising - but it will put your work on the systems of distributing them. This should mean that if you convince them, they can order your work.

Since printing your books is expensive, there is a reserve rate at which you can resell them, and Createspace displays that rate. Just adjust your sales value to a higher value that you think you can resell, it's up to you. Self-publication on Createspace: Last Steps - Publishing! Your album will be available in about twenty-four working days in all Amazon shops around the globe.

You see - I said it's simple to put it on Createspace myself! Recently I released an Anthologie of sci-fi shorts with the title Revolutions and Createspace. For a free reading of the first installment in Revolutions, Sarah Jasmon's The Uncertainty Principle, click here or on the frontispiece. I would like to know how you can post on Createspace, please send me an e-mail.

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