Earn by Writing Stories

Make money by writing stories

Writing and publishing money - poetry, short stories and personal essays. Take part in creative writing competitions with cash prizes. Look for paying markets for your short stories, poems and narrative articles. Brief stories; sites that you pay to write about: "Here's why it's worth writing little stories.

Reading, writing and paying for stories

penpee.com is a new, emerging website that helps prospective writers make a living by publishing their stories on the website itself. It' described as a place to browse, compose and get payed every single new reader reading a section of your history. Createers can post stories of up to 8,400 words that span 5 sections, according to the members hip hop subscription schedule, and are remunerated when the reader finishes each section.

That means that contributors earn cash through the section, not through the books, so they have the freedom to post sections at their own speed. Three-way Author Member Plan: Basic?-?free Member, max 6000 words in 5 sections. You earn 45% of the income from the sections.

This-?This subscription is only available in the UK. Subscription costs 3. 99/month and it is available to try free for the first two month after paying the 1. 99 activation charge. As with the Premier Member, Pepee Primes User can write indefinite stories. Seventy-five percent of your life's turnover is earned on every loan you spend on every section of your history.

Exclusively for Penpee Primes members is the additional subscription feature for mini-series brochures of select stories that will be mailed. You' ll be able to watch the storyline, with each show sent to your doorstep three days a week as a complimentary appetiser, such as biscuits, chocolates, coffees, etc., as you are reading.

They also have the exclusiveness to view the show on-line one weeks after delivery. Just think of Penpee as you do every weekend with EastEnders or Hollyoaks. In the beginning, the reader receives welcome credit and can buy more credit to browse stories, or earn them by continuing to participate in the site and through references and reports of plagiarism stories.

Every £1 £1 (GBP) voucher is valued at 0.02p each. By now it outgo 0. 06p to publication a section, time the concept message would outgo between 0. 30p and 0. 42penpe or 15 to 21 approval. To convert your PayPal account into cash you need at least 250 Cards.

Asked about the low number, Tijan Pepee, the chief executive officer of Pen Pee Ltd and the creator of Pen Pee. com, said it is very important to find the right mix between what is sensible for user to spend per section and what authors are willing to agree to for their efforts. Our aim is for them to be able to immerse themselves in a narrative and immerse themselves in it without having to spend more money than they do for what they do.

The Penpee organizes money-prize contests for small stories. From the five most-read, annotated and most-read stories, the editors choose a prize. Every author who has the skills to write stories should join the website and the fellowship.

Every reader is invited to browse the expanding penpee.com shortlist of stories. On the whole, you should definitely try it out and try the range of stories and create your own! Finally, Tijani Penpee, Chief Executive Officer, said he was working to bring a much more resilient plattform with portable applications to the market in the coming few month and encourage any fishing investors who share his view of the idea to be open.

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