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E-publishing includes the digital publication of e-books, digital journals and the development of digital libraries and catalogues. Use of ePubs implies your consent to the use of cookies. Wellcome to USAREC Electronic Publications and Forms. Select an option -. These are Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs):.

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find ('img'); //prevent FOUC in preparing everything handleImages ($images, feature () { initFred($slider); }); }); }); }); }(jQuery); Whether you are a fighter war in Iraq or a pensioned airman in Nebraska, access to Air Force documents or releases is now simpler than ever due to a centralised website that started on August 24th. The new e-Pubs website is also available to Air Force Links clients.

This new one-stop shopping facility should be well known to every visitor to the Luftwaffe's official website. Air Force Link's advanced searching will make it easy to find documents and documents available to the general public. Find them using Air Force Link's advanced searching feature. "By optimizing browsing and enhancing searching capabilities, clients will see that the new site is an enhancement over the previous site," said Jessica Spencer-Gallucci, Executive of the Air Force Departmental Publishing Office in Washington, D.C. "As a client, I want to be able to use a keyword or subject lookup to find what I need on the site," said Ms. Spencer-Gallucci.

That is what the migration to Air Force Link brings to both the Air Force and the site's people. "The move should be smooth for former website visitors, and authorised clients who need specific items are redirected to the appropriate area or have automatic entry to order what they need.

A further advantage for the customer is the faster access to the Air Force's authorised documents and publication. Using a CMS, analyst groups can publish new online application documents and releases as soon as they are accepted. "It is our work and we know that it is important to bring new form and pubs to our clients as quickly as possible.

Migrating and introducing e-Pubs is another landmark for Air Force News and the Air Force's Web programme, said Joe Bela, head of the Air Force PUBD at the Air Force News Agency headquarters in San Antonio. All in all, a 2006 financial study showed that the Luftwaffe's air force web programme will cut system administrative expenses alone by more than $30 million a year.

"We' ve been asked to make available the knowledge, hosting-environments, technologies and education necessary to set up the Air Force's Web programme; e-Pubs is only a logical expansion of this mission," said Mr Bela. "For this purpose, we have assembled a group of defence and civil experts with the capabilities we need to meet our goals - the migration and standardization of all Air Force official websites, the provision of a safe haven for our contents and the consolidation of our IT supporting infrastructures and IT assistance to save the Air Force money," he said.

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