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Apple (iBooks) Kobo. Would you like to create an electronic version of an existing magazine? For many authors, self-publication is a valid and important option. The OpenEdition Books (FR) is the OpenEdition platform for Open Access books.

The best CMS for publishing houses

Sorry, your web browsers do not accept the videotag. Sorry, your web browsers do not accept the videotag. With the expansion of the website in 2014, there has been a further growth in visitor and visitor numbers. With the expansion of the website in 2014, there has been a further growth in visitor and visitor numbers. One dashboard combining editorial, audience data, marketing & more.

Working with media companies, publishers, associations and businesses to drive revenues, reduce cost and attract audiences. Unusual softwares, tried and tested procedures, in-depth knowledge and tireless client support make it simple to change, take charge and earn more moneys. Rising visitor numbers and the inclusion of readers is only the beginning. Public data integration drives revenues.

There is no other SaaS publishing platform that offers so many different types of businesses. Increase your sales and commitment by targeting your contents and advertisements directly to an identified group. Completely integrates with your data, eCommerce and audience data. Standardize e-mail services, permissions, eCommerce, self-service portals and customer tracker for a 360-degree visibility of your readers.

The advertiser manages their offer and you create the revenues. Extended basket for hardware, subscription, event, download and contents. They drive context-sensitive trading to increase sales per readership. Since your information and contents are no longer lost, you can use your investments in your current system to increase your efficiency and increase sales.

If your objective is to be web-first through CMS integrations with Adobe InDesign or to provide your information to any number of business partners to enhance commitment, we can make a connection.

Egypt's BookBake: Arabic e-publishing (and all others)

Publishing an e-book yourself is quite easy. As soon as the thing is typed and (hopefully) processed, you only have to select your plattform and click on a few butons. Are you going to opt for Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing? Encounter BookBake, a new self-publishing plattform that pledges to completely eradicate the need for e-readers.

BookBake, introduced last months, is a Vijua business specialising in e-book authoring software and service. BuchBake is able to create multi-platform interactivity publishing from PDF files (which, frankly, is the beginning of self-publishing). Bearing these characteristics in mind, Vijua BookBake is designed for independent writers who want to find an easy way to present their books (or excerpts) on their website.

The Elms' leading vocalist Owen Thomas was in love with BookBake, partly because his group wanted their supporters to take their projects in digital hands, partly so they could get rid of this annoying reading plug. Abdel-rahman shows the new rig.

BuchBake allows you to build and run a local Android appliance that can be purchased as a standalone product (with its own icon) via Google Play (formerly Android Market). "No knowledge or specific hardware configuration is needed to build this Android appliance. BuchBake also provides control elements that aim at different web speed by offering different resolutions and compression of pagecontents.

In the Arab realm, the need for self-publications is certainly high. "The Arabs have been known for hundreds of years for their poetic works, and a relatively large proportion of the Middle Eastern people have a keen interest in publishing them in one way or another. Over the last three years we have been receiving many enquiries from writers from different eras, especially from Saudi Arabia," says Abdel-Rahman.

"While there are a number of interesting campaigns in the Arabian world today, we see BookBake as an outstanding move to help find a way forward, at least in the field of music. "BookBake produces not only Arabic (from right to left) e-books, but also BookBake Publisher (the self-publishing application) is fully Arabicized.

That means the users can have a full Arabian workflow: buy credit from the Arabian translation of the website, use the Arabian language for BookBake Publisher and converts the Arabian e-books from right to left. 2.

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